Three Romantic Ways to Spend a Day With Your Wife

Do you want to tickle your wife’s heart with romantic gestures? What if you consider yourself lacking in skills in the romance department? Are you running out of romantic ideas?

If you want to keep the romance going in your marriage but are at a loss as to what to do, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. From booking a private city tour aboard an amazing seaplane to gifting anniversary rings to harnessing your skill in the kitchen, there are ways to fan the flames of romance in your wedded life.

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Keeping the Love Alive

Whether you were married just yesterday or are already looking forward to your golden anniversary, keeping the love alive in a relationship requires time and effort.

Both you and your partner have to work hard together to keep the flames of affection and passion burning.

That is why romance is an essential part of wedded bliss.

It brings in a certain excitement and mystery between couples. Romance can turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones. It breaks the monotony of everyday life by injecting a romantic touch into daily events.

Even if you think that you’re no Romeo, you still have to try and see how you can shower your wife with some romance. It can be done in the simplest of ways and as often as you possibly can.

You can book a table at a fine dining restaurant one day, or you can just massage her shoulders after a long day at work. It doesn’t have to be flamboyant and ostentatious all the time (although grand gestures of romance are also welcome). What’s important is the thought and effort that you put into it.

It goes both ways, of course, but let’s focus on you for now. As a chivalrous knight, you cannot go empty-handed. That is why we have put together some simple ideas that can help spur you on your quest for romance. Here are some suggestions that you can try to spend a romantic day with your wife:

#1 Go on a Private Seaplane Tour

This romantic gesture can be done on any day or may be reserved for a very special occasion. Whenever you plan to do so, booking an exclusive seaplane tour will surely dial up the romance factor in your relationship.

Let romance soar as you and your loved one enjoy the sights from miles up in the air. In your own private cocoon, ensconced in plush seats and the warmth of your affection, enjoy panoramic views of the city through large viewing windows.

Aside from the refreshing welcome drink and complimentary road transfers, you can also make additional arrangements for ultra-special occasions.

#2 Treat Her to Good Food

Who does not appreciate good food? Tickle her taste buds as well as her heart with a sumptuous treat.

You can book a table at a fine dining restaurant and indulge in their epicurean selections. You can also make a reservation for a private dining room where you can savor the food and each other’s company in private.

Another idea is to revisit a dining establishment that holds a special memory in your life. It can be the place where you had your first date or the café where you proposed. You can also take cues from her. Be observant and listen earnestly when you have conversations. If she has been talking about wanting to go to this trendy bistro or the newly opened fast food joint, then take her there.

Whether it’s a hole-in-a-wall or a secret restaurant that you both favor, the way to her heart can also be through her stomach.

#3 Schedule a Day of Pampering

One of the most appreciated things that you can do is to schedule a day of pampering for your other half.

You can arrange a private room in a spa where both of you will get to enjoy a relaxing massage from top to toe.

Consider including beauty treatments such as a rejuvenating facial or perhaps even a manicure and pedicure combo.

If you are unsure as to what spa services to get, aim to get tips from her closest friends or family members. If it’s not a surprise, then think about asking her directly.

You could even take it a step further and plan an entire health and wellness weekend. Book a trip to a spa resort and enjoy the time you have together. Being relaxed and carefree can also be a way to romance.

Moreover, that pampering can include a surprise gift. For more points, it should be an item she can’t guess so easily. One idea is to get her one more ring in addition to her wedding and engagement rings. Something like an eternity ring will do. But first, what is an eternity ring? These are special rings for the sole purpose of celebrating long-lasting love. If you have been together for a significant number of years, it can be that single item to crown a day of pampering.

Time for Romance

Whether it is spending a romantic rendezvous up in the skies or getting your cares and worries massaged away in a spa, the important thing to remember is the quality of time you spend with your wife.

Make every moment with each other count.

Pay attention and listen to words both said and unsaid.

Make sure you carve out time for each other.

The thought, time, and effort that you pour in to show how you care already bear a lot of weight. Whether it is expressed through a whisper of a caress or shouted out from the hilltops, what matters is that you are two hearts beating as one.

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