Things Women Stress About In Relationships

When you are in a relationship you want your partner to pay attention to you.

You want them to notice you every time you do something new. Whether you have a haircut, bought new clothes, or anything. You just want your Boyfriend to notice every little thing you do & it is fair to expect so.

But why do women do all these things?

Women think that their boyfriends are always judging than for their looks, weight & hygiene. They think that if they don’t maintain things their boyfriends will break up with them.

They have a sense of insecurity. If their partner praises someone they overthink. They think that maybe they lack something that some other person has.

Why do they do so?

Because of a lack of self-confidence. Women always want to look their best. You may never find a woman in life who will listen to some other women’s praise (very rare).

Even Memes know this. Have a look.

Things Women Stress About In Relationships

Now you should get the idea of what I am trying to say.

Women always think that they need to please their boyfriends. But seriously one piece of advice I can give you is that if you have a relationship with someone they are already pleased with you.

Here are some things women distress about in relationships that men can’t even imagine or notice :

Things Women Stress About In Relationships

1. Am I Fat

Women generally keep good care of their bodies. Even when they are in the best of their shape they feel underconfident about themselves. They always desire to look the very best.

If you are consistently asking your boyfriend if you are fat or whether you have gained some weight, you are turning him off. He may feel you are self-obsessed. If he says to you that you are fat or you want to lose weight then he may not be the one. Guys generally don’t say these types of things to their girlfriends.

A guy is in a relationship with you because he likes the way are. If you really feel that you have gained some weight and you are not confident about yourself just work out. Don’t just keep on asking your boyfriend again and again. It will never help.

2. Does He Really Like Me

Come on! Why would he be in a relationship with you if he doesn’t like you? If he takes care of you why would you even think of this? Most of the time women think about this is when their boyfriends say something good about other girls. Women start thinking that he is saying good things about someone because they like them. This is not the case.

How else do you expect your boyfriend to treat other women? If he didn’t treat women in a good way, you would be with him in the first place.

3. Am I Hygienic Enough

One thing I have noticed about every woman is that once they are in a relationship they start taking extra care of themselves. This is not a bad thing. But why put in the extra effort. Did your boyfriend expect you to look more beautiful than before? Just don’t bother. If your boyfriend is with you then he already likes the way you are.

Things Women Stress About In Relationships

4. Does He Like Someone Else

He may. Not the case with everyone. The thought that your boyfriend likes someone else keeps rotating in your mind 24×7 is not a good thing. If he really likes someone else why would he with you? The more thoughts you will have regarding this matter, the more you will feel insecure about this.

This thing can really come in between your relationship if you consult your boyfriend about this. Make sure you are not destroying your relation by doing so. If your boyfriend is not worried about your male friends then you should probably not worry about his female friends. Having these types of thoughts only make your relation insecure.

Moreover, if both of you are not comfortable with their talking to male or female friends then you should sort things out.  Many relations get destroyed because of insecurities so make sure you have no space for them.

Things Women Stress About In Relationships

5. Does he think About Me The Way I Think About Him

Maybe, maybe not. You can’t predict what a person is thinking. According to research, women generally can think about different things while they are performing other tasks. If you overthink you start feeling bad & get stressed out. All you want to do is think about him every time.

This is not the case with men. Men focus on one particular thing at a time. When they are busy with their work they don’t think about other things if everything is working out fine.

Now women sometimes call their boyfriends when they are away and ask them if they are thinking about them. Well if your boyfriend is free then you will get a pretty good reply. But what if he is busy with some work. He will generally reply like this “can I call you later“. Now, this incident may make you question your relationship. But you really shouldn’t.

6. What Will My Friends Think Of Him

If you are not confident enough that your friends will not like your boyfriend then why you are in a relationship with him. Your friends are not going to cuddle with you at night, watch movies with you, or have some sexy talk with you. If you like your boyfriend then your friends will definitely like him.

If you are not really sure what your friends will think when you are not sure about your relationship. If you are comfortable with your boyfriend you will never care what your friends will say about him. You will always find a way to tackle the things some cheesy friends say.

7. Why Am I Making All The Plans

Guys never care about plans. They usually like to go with the flow. They generally like what comes in front of them. Women on the other hand like to make all the plans beforehand. They want everything to be well planned. So they always try to make plans for day out & weekends.

You may feel your boyfriend never makes but that is not the case. Guys are generally afraid of whether their girlfriend will really like the plan they are making. They shy away from making plans due to this particular reason.

Things Women Stress About In Relationships

8. Am I Attractive

Of course, you are. If he loves spending his time with you then you definitely are. Even if he doesn’t spend time with you then also you are. Guys don’t think about what you are wearing & how you do makeup. They just love you for who you are naturally.

They will compliment you when you wear that nice dress of yours, but don’t expect them to compliment every single thing you do. Women want compliments when they get their hair done when they buy something new.

Here’s a thing if he doesn’t compliment you every time, you are still attractive. Don’t just overthink about it.

Things Women Stress About In Relationships

9. Taking Extra Care Of Your Place

Women worry that if their boyfriend finds their home dirty, it would create a bad impression. Guys don’t notice these things too much. While it’s good that you take care of your home, extra efforts aren’t going to help you.

Guys generally have a perspective that women generally like cleanness but if you overdo it they are going to notice the extra effort.

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