10 Things That Woman Look For In Men

It would be difficult to comprehend what women really want from men.

What a woman looks for in a man?

Research says that women fall love in with men a bit slower but on the other hand men are quick to fall in love with women.

Another research suggests women are attracted by men who have a feminist approach. Feminism means a person who is an advocate and supporter of women’s rights.

Women are meant to be loved and respected.

Every woman has a different nature and behavior. To read a woman’s mind is impossible but this article will help you the ways and wants of women which are universal and are applicable to all women.

After an in-depth study, we conclude that these 10 things women want desperately from their guys. These 10 things are also common to women as well.


Self-confidence is the most enigmatic universal quality in a man which attracts women.

A woman always wants a man who can be bold enough to speak and propose to her. Shyness leads to a lack of confidence. A man must act confidently in every situation of life.

The study reveals that women don’t like men who are afraid to talk to a girl. A woman only wants a bold man who is self-confident and a decision-maker. She wants her man to hold her hand in public. He should be brave enough to fight for her.

If a person owns confidence, he will be entitled to have these qualities as well and that is courage, valiant, bold, heroic, daring, and bold which are most loved by women. He must have a domineering attitude. She wants him to be dominated.

Things That Woman Look For In Men


Looks don’t matter but dressing matters to women so you should have a good dressing sense in order to be loved. There is a catchphrase i.e.

Men Suiting is to women what lingerie is to men.

So it’s important for men to have quality outfits in their wardrobe. You are given a face and skin tone that you cannot change but what you can change is the way you dress up yourself.

You should be well aware of the event you have to attend or to date a woman then we suggest you research a bit before you buying anything.

Suits play an important part in men’s lives to impress women. You need to pay more attention to the fitting of your clothes.

It must be made for your body shape. No matter how expensive an outfit you buy for a date, if it doesn’t fit on you, then there’s no need for it. So pay attention to your appearance.

Accessories of clothes are also important for you. Wearing a nice wristwatch and elegant leather shoes can be a wonderful addition to adorn your outfit.

Things That Woman Look For In Men

Physical strength and fitness:

Physical strength and fitness are important for one’s life to live a healthy and balanced life. It contributes a lot to a man’s physical personality. One must know the rule, the first impression is the last impression. You should work out enough to maintain your health.

You can do yoga, exercise jogging even join a gym for the purpose. A flat abdomen is desirable for a woman. She wants you to look reasonable and have a stable body.

Generally, women don’t prefer muscular bodies but a few like them.

But over-exercise and having biceps and a good body shape can never win a lady’s heart.

There is a myth universally acknowledged that a woman wants a muscular man. It is contrary to the facts actually.

Your muscles and even body shape can’t help win a woman’s heart. For winning the heart of your lady you need to put some extra effort into your personality rather than the gym.

We don’t say that you shouldn’t go to the gym and work out, but what we suggest to you that it is not the only thing which excites them.


Looks, appearance, and good body physique can’t get you a lady in the true sense.

You need a good bank-balance and property as well.

For short-term dating, a woman prefers good looks whereas for a long-lasting relationship she chooses a wealthy young man who has a healthy income so she turns to a man who can easily provide her food, safety, and protection.

So, guys, you should get to work. You should work hard to earn enough money for your loved one.

He must be one woman man

Being fair and loyal to your woman are prerequisites to having a happy and durable relationship with your lady.

You must be sincere with your woman as she hates this if you are polygamous.

If you flirt with her, then get ready to face the music. There is a simple rule, if you want her true love then be true to her.

You need to be kind, sensitive, and interested in your girl.

You don’t need to flirt with her as it will damage your personality and eventually will break her trust in you. Women only believe in long-term mutual commitment.

So guy’s rule is don’t be polygamous at all and be a one-woman man that will immensely please her.

Things That Woman Look For In Men

Be Supportive and Sympathetic to her:

Women always look for support in their men. She wants her man to support her in every aspect of her life.

He must encourage her to make her decision on her own.

He must help her selecting a career or profession for her even help her find a suitable job. She would love it when you are always beside her every step of the way.

You must celebrate her victories and be sympathetic to her on her defeats. You should never let her live alone. You should be always there for her.

Be Ethical and honest towards her:

Simply women hate liars, cheaters dishonest, and sluggish men.

Guys you should never tell a lie to your woman.

It will ruin your relationship, damage your character and credibility. You have to always be ethical and honest.

A man must never express their anger in front of his lady. He must not be abusive and vulgar

. A woman loves a man who speaks the truth. He should be polite while having a conversation with a woman.

He must approach her nicely. That kind of man is loved by a woman.

He should be smart and intelligent:

Generally, women are attracted by smart and intelligent men.

A man should be intellectually superior.  He should be wise and smart.

These men are more fascinated by women. Women admire intelligence. If a woman is intelligent, she will look for an intelligent guy. So, guys, you should be creative in your views.

Intellectual gossiping can turn your woman on you. An intellectual man inspires growth.

Women want to be with a man who can encourage them and grow their intellectually developed. All you need to do is to choose a quality topic for your conversation.

what a woman looks for in a man

Must own good sense of humor:

Humor is attractive to women. Women love humor for a number of reasons.

It makes them comfortable. It takes all the negative thoughts away as well as it helps a man make him more trustworthy in the eyes of a woman.

It can expose your intelligence level as well.

A good sense of humor is an attractive quality that is liked by almost every woman in the world.  You can make her laugh. Girls mostly like interesting men.

So this quality will make men more interesting and exciting for their ladies.

Affectionate and loving:

What women want from men is love, devotion, and commitment in a relationship. In this case, men must follow this; action speaks louder than words.

So, guys, you must not only express your love for a woman bus also have to prove it by actions.

If you want to have an incredible relationship with a woman you need to respect her wholeheartedly. Be affectionate towards her. She would love to be loved by you.

You need to give her your time. She needs your time.

Your affectionate words will not only be sufficient, but you also need to prove it practically that you are the most loving guy in the whole world.

Conclusion: What A Woman Wants From A Man In A Relationship?

A guy should forgive his lady when she messes things up.

It will show you that you are committed to her in spite of the mistakes she made.

This thing will help you win the heart of your lady.

If your woman is not financially well settled then you should not make her realize this. You should not embarrass her in front of everyone.

You should never let your lady down in front of your parents.

You should never insult her in public; this will result in the devastation of her feelings. If you want to be respected then you must give respect to your woman.

The rule of giving and take is essential for all couples. You must ignore her slight errors as well.

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