5 Things To Do When Visiting Arizona

Looking to travel to Arizona this year? It’s a great place to visit, full of wonders both natural and manmade. There are sprawling canyons, a bustling city with the latest in trending activities, and sites of American history waiting to be explored. Arizona can be enjoyed as a stop on a road trip to Las Vegas or Hollywood, or it can be its own thing. Whichever you decide, you’re in for a great time.

Arizona is particularly hot right now (in business not temperature, although that might also be true if you’re reading this in summer…) due to a recent surge in sports betting. States are allowed to pass online gambling laws, and Arizona was one of the first adopters. The sports side of its online gambling initiative has drawn huge crowds and lots of money. If you’re into sports or thrills, then Arizona sports is for you. If other attractions suit your taste, take a look at these ideas.


Jerome, a mining town

Fans of the Old West should check out Jerome, a mining town (or ghost town for those who study the supernatural) built onto a steep hill. Many of the old buildings still stand, but what makes Jerome unique is the terrain it’s built on. That steep hill has proven too difficult for those old houses over the years, causing entire buildings to slide down. Aside from offering a taste of history, Jerome is a town full of great photo spots.

Grand Canyon

You could travel to Arizona for the Grand Canyon alone, and it’d be worth it. The view from the top alone is a sight you’ll remember forever, but there are actually quite a few activities in and around the canyon. Hiking trails of varying difficulty take you down to the bottom and along the walls. Or, if you prefer to take it all in at once, you can go on a helicopter tour of the canyon.



Those who prefer city life to nature hikes will want to head to Phoenix instead. As a big city, Phoenix offers the best nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. Phoenix is also a preferred destination for golfers, as it never really gets too cold to tee off. As a result, some of the nicest courses in the world are in Phoenix.

Wager On Arizona Sports

If you do find yourself in Phoenix, you should be close to one of Arizona’s casinos. There, you can take part in the exciting new sports betting. You can also use apps from DraftKings, Caesars, MGM, and more to bet from your phone. If you do join sports apps for the first time in Arizona, you can take advantage of signup bonuses to start with some rewards from the get-go. Many of the apps offer welcome bonuses like risk-free plays, money matching, and promo codes for free jerseys.

You can bet on most major league US sports in Arizona, as well as NASCAR, European soccer matches, and NCAA college games. Bets can be made ahead of time and even during the game for certain events.

Hoover Dam

A dam might not seem like the kind of vacation spot that will have the kids cheering, but the Hoover Dam is a remarkable achievement in human engineering. You can reserve a tour of the dam to see its inner workings up close–a wonderful experience for a budding STEM student. Or you can just drive over the bridge to take it in as you go, which still makes for a fantastic spectacle.

And that’s just a taste of what Arizona has to offer! Phoenix is a wonderful city with a lot of nightlife, and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon make for great day trips. Whenever you’re traveling and whoever you’re traveling with, you’ll find something amazing in Arizona.

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