6 Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding

When you’re getting married, it can seem like there are a million and one things to be thinking about. It is important to not get overwhelmed and to try and enjoy as much of the process as possible. Whilst it is a great idea to use a wedding planner, this might not be possible for everyone. Either way, here are just six things to consider when you are planning a wedding!

Do you need a wedding planner?

With so much to organize and coordinate, it may benefit you to hire a wedding planner. In its most basic sense, a wedding planner is a person, or persons, whose job it is to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. Their involvement can vary, from helping from day to coming in last minute, and they can assist in various areas.

The aim of a wedding planner is to make the day as stress-free as possible for you. They can recommend locations, suppliers, caterers, musicians, everything to make your day perfect. They also recommend wedding linens direct to you. Wedding planners can also pack down the day after the wedding so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up!

A newly wedded couple


Perhaps one of the most vital points is the date of the wedding. This will have an impact on everything else, so it helps to decide on this as early as possible. Making sure people and services are available for your chosen dates is important, as is choosing the time of year.

There is a lot of liaising at this point in order to make sure everything you need, such as location, is available at the same time. Many people like to get married in the warmer months, as the days are longer and the weather is generally better. However, no one can predict the weather with total accuracy, so it always helps to be flexible and prepared for whatever the time of year throws at you!


Choosing where you want to get married, have the wedding reception and honeymoon are all very exciting decisions to make. Availability and budget are just two things to consider when making these choices. Is the place you want available and equipped to provide you with the services you require, and can you and your guests afford it?

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, so why not choose something unique like a yacht wedding, providing you and your guests with a luxury wedding they will never forget? Getting married abroad is incredibly popular and is very tempting. However, you will need to consider the extra costs and logistics involved with this, as well as whether your guests can travel and can afford to attend the wedding.


Food is a huge part of a wedding, from breakfasts to cake, drinks to desserts. A wedding cake is a staple, and there are plenty of places to get inspiration from. Your cake should be tasty and unique, and there are lots of artisanal bakers who specialize in beautiful wedding cakes. Collaborating with a baker will help bring your ideas and visions to life and ensure that your cake is of the highest quality. There are so many different types of wedding cakes, from flavors to designs, so it is important to create something that is perfect for your big day.

As well as the cake, there is plenty more food to think about throughout the day. Commonly, caterers are hired, or the location has caterers that they use for weddings. Think about the kind of food you would like, and take into account the dietary requirements of your guests. It is important to make sure everyone can enjoy the food as much as you!

A wedding planner may be able to recommend caterers to use, as they may have worked with them before and had positive experiences. Similarly, if you have attended any weddings in the past where the food was great, ask who catered it! Working with people who have been recommended can help to avoid disappointment on the day.


Your music throughout the day will be the soundtrack to your wedding, so it is important to choose your favorites. Typically, your first dance is a major point in the celebrations, and lots of thought is put into this moment. From slow romantic ballads to hilarious dance routines, this can be an extraordinary moment and provide some wonderful memories for everyone present.

It is also worth considering whether you would like a live band or DJ, or are planning on making your own playlist. Live music can add a wonderful atmosphere, and there are so many different artists and styles that you can look for.


Making sure you have high-quality photos of your big day is essential, as you will want to revisit them frequently. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is very common, especially during the day and the ceremony. Decide on the style of images you would like, and research photographers who fit this idea.

Looking through their work and reviews can help you get an understanding of whether they would be right for you. Other ways to capture memories from your big day include disposable cameras, a photo booth, and guest books, as well as asking your guests to take and share their own images.

These are just a few of the elements that make up a wedding that you will need to consider. Rings, clothing, honeymoons, and vows are a few more, but you will have plenty of support from your loved ones to make sure everything is covered. A wedding planner is also a great addition and can assist you at any point during the process.

Your wedding day is a very important event, and ideally, it would go off without any issues. However, you cannot predict the future, and somethings things happen that are unavoidable. Being prepared, organized, and having help and support can contribute to avoiding any unwanted occurrences, leaving you free to enjoy your special day!

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