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Everyone has their own idea of what’s hot and what’s not. When it comes to guys there are a few things the majority of them prefer when it comes to dating and relationships. We’re talking about 10 things girls do that turn guys on.

1. Play video games

Guys love it when a girl isn’t afraid to grab a controller and challenge him to one of his favorite games. Guys always expect girls to get upset when they choose to play video games instead of hanging out together. So if a girl can sometimes join in on a guy’s video game obsession it makes her that much more appealing. If you want to turn a guy on battling it out by playing a video game is definitely the way to go.


Turn on guys playing games


2. Keeping up with sports

If a girl knows a few things about sports she’ll earn some major points from the guy in her life. Most guys spend a lot of time watching sports, playing sports, and going to sporting events. So if a girl has a little bit of knowledge about his favorite team and favorite athlete that’s an added plus. A girl doesn’t need to recite the list of cricket winners from the past 20 years but having a little bit of sports knowledge goes a long way when it comes to turning a guy on.

3. Laughing

Most guys love knowing that they can make a girl laugh. Many guys pride themselves on their sense of humor and even if their jokes are ridiculous and corny. They still love it when a girl thinks they’re funny. It doesn’t matter if she sounds like a hyena when she lets out a big chuckle. A laughing giggle is more than enough to turn a guy on.

turn on guy laughing

4. Eye contact

Big eyes, small eyes, brown eyes, or blue eyes it really doesn’t matter what kind of eyes a girl has. If she can work with what she has and initiate eye contact as much as possible it will drive a guy crazy. Guys love it when a girl stares at them from across the room or when a girl is so fixated on him that she can’t stand to look anywhere else except into his eyes. As long as she doesn’t stare at him for too long and creep him out to love being the main focus of her attention.

eye contact biggest turn on for guys

5. Wear baggy clothes

Guys love it when girls get all dolled up but they also love it when a girl can just relax in some comfortable clothes. When a girl shows up wearing some oversized and baggy clothes she’s showing him that she’s comfortable in her own skin and she doesn’t have to get all dressed up just to feel good about herself. So girls don’t be afraid to ditch the skinny jeans and dresses from time to time.

6. Playing with his hair

As much as girls love it when a guy plays with their hair, guys love to have their hair played with. After a long day at work or school, all the guy wants to do is go home chill out and relax having a girl in his life that will run her fingers through his hair and make him feel calm and relaxed. This puts him at ease and makes him feel loved and appreciated

7. Wear perfume

When it comes to turning on a guy it’s best to stimulate his senses. Especially his sense of smell the light and airy scent of a perfume is enough to do the trick when it comes to choosing the right perfume. Girls should stick to scents that complement their body’s natural chemistry. When perfume is sprayed lightly on the pulse points it activates with the body’s natural heat to emit a heavenly scent that’s bound to turn any guy on.

perfume turn on guy

8. Go natural

Getting all dressed up and putting on a full face of makeup for a night out on the town is fun every once in a while. But most guys prefer when a girl goes makeup-free. Without makeup on, a guy can get a glimpse at all the adorable freckles on a girl’s face and her rosy cheeks with her imperfections on full display. A girl may feel a bit self-conscious but a guy will most likely love each and every flaw.

turn on guy makeup

9. Cook for him

There’s a reason why they say of a way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. A girl doesn’t even have to be a world-class chef to turn a guy on. Guys love it when a girl cooks for them. Even if it’s something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich a batch of cookies or some fish sticks it would help.

10. Wear yoga pants

Yoga pants are perfect for a gym workout but they also have another purpose. It will instantly turn a guy on. Guys love yoga pants just as much as girls love wearing them. The skintight fabric makes any butt look perky and the clingy material accentuates a woman’s natural curves. Yoga pants give guys a peek at what a girl’s working with. With her having to show off too much skin a guy who’s interested in a girl will be attracted to her no matter what she wears but he definitely won’t be able to take his eyes off of her when she strolls by in a pair of these figure-flattering pants.

turn on guy yoga pant text

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