The Importance of Turbo Pumps In The Travel Industry

The travel industry is vital in the world. In the US alone, the travel industry is valued at $1.9 Trillion in economic output. According to, the industry supports more than 9.5 million American jobs, and 5 million of them directly work in the tourism industry.

Did you know that in this important industry, turbo pumps play a vital role? Turbo pumps are used to pump liquids or gases from one container to another.

They are used in many industries, but they are essential for the travel industry because they help keep airplanes and ships afloat. Travel pumps are locally available and can be bought even for small-scale use. Check out these turbo pump solutions from Provac and see which one will be ideal for your current needs.

Let’s look at the role turbo pumps play in the travel industry today.

Food Preservation

An estimated 1.4 billion people make international travel every year. These people board aircraft from one country to the other and while in transit, they do require fresh food and drinks for every trip they make.

When dealing with large numbers of travelers every day, how do airplane workers ensure that there is enough food for everyone and the food is safe for consumption? Well, cooking fresh food from scratch mid-flight is practically impossible.  The food is prepared before and it’s only transferred to the flight for refrigeration and serving during the flight.

For the food to stay fresh and safe it must be stored properly. It is important to note that not all the food is consumed during the flight and if this food is not well preserved, it goes bad very quickly leading to wastage and losses. This is where turbo pumps come in. Once the food is transferred into the plane, turbo pumps vacuum seal the food to ensure longevity.  All the air molecules are sucked out of the food, eliminating the chances of bacteria and pathogens breeding in the dish.

The turbo pumps also help aircraft workers to maintain a sterile environment so that food is transported safely without contamination. This reduces the risks of disease and unnecessary lawsuits that can arise if all passengers from the same flight complain of food poisoning.

Turbo Pump

Packaging Of Export Products

Turbo pumps are also used in the packaging of export products. Exports play a key role in modern economies because they provide a wider market for their products. When a country can export some of its products, more jobs are created and sales grow faster. This creates a competitive advantage for the country as it can increase liquidity and boost revenue.

However, you need to know that anything can go wrong when dealing with perishable goods such as food and vegetables. A small mistake happens and all the food can go bad causing massive losses to both the businessmen and the airline company. This is why utmost care should be taken to ensure that exports are packaged properly.

Turbo pumps are used in the packaging of export products to ensure that sterilization is properly handled and there is zero possibility of contamination. The benefit of using vacuum pumps is that they are capable of identifying problems in the system and sending out the alarm before the problem becomes too complicated.

Turbo pumps have many benefits that make them a popular choice for companies that need to move liquids around. They can be installed on any type of vessel and they don’t require any external power source because they use the pressure of the liquid being pumped to create their power source.

Turbo Pumps can Help in Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife tourism is an industry that provides numerous opportunities for both emerging and developed countries. This is why every individual should actively participate in ensuring that wildlife is protected so that future generations can enjoy the natural world and get to see all the species that live in the ecosystem including the endangered ones.

The benefits of turbo pumps for wildlife conservation are that they can be used in areas where there is no access to clean water. They also provide a way for animals to drink without having to come into contact with humans or other animals.

Turbo pumps can pump water from the ground and into the air, which helps wild animals drink. This is especially helpful for animals who live in dry areas or have trouble accessing water sources on their own. Because they do not use oil, they can also help reduce emissions and pollution by reducing the amount of fuel that needs to be transported by truck or train.

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