The Best To-Do List Applications For iPhone

A To-do list assists you in keeping track of the tasks you need to complete, prioritizing them, and maintaining track of your schedule and your personal life.

Whether it’s assignments for work or books you’d like to get to or even groceries that you’ll need, you might forget them if you don’t note them down.

To organize your life in the internet age, pen and paper might not suffice. Because you’re always carrying your phone and possibly even your tablet in your bag, it’s sensible to locate a task list application that’s designed to work with your iPhone and iPad.

Thanks to the App Store, There are plenty of these apps.

But which ones are worthy of making it onto your home screen? Are you able to get the freebies, or are you willing to spend the top of the line? Let’s look at the top list of things-to-do apps available for iPhone.

Before looking at the list, check if your internet connection is speedy or not for a smooth download of these applications.

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With that explained, let us have a look at the best to-do list apps for the iPhone.

1. Apple Reminder

Apple has included the Reminders app in iOS. But don’t discount it simply because it’s free. It is a default app for all iOS devices and you just have to log into your iCloud account in the Settings app to manage your tasks and lists. Reminders sync automatically with iCloud and push any updates to all connected devices.

Making tasks available is easy, especially with the popular iOS Sharing button or speaking to Siri. Request “Add toothpaste to my shopping list,” Siri will add the items to any list that includes “shopping.”

There aren’t any sub-tasks or due dates, but reminders will notify you at a certain date or time or whenever you arrive at a certain place. You can also design repetition reminders that follow predictable routines, such as monthly or weekly.

You can also create custom ones like the first day of every month or once every 6 days. You can add three different levels of prioritization and specific notes to each item to define your plan.

2. do

Any. can be used to combine to-do lists, management, schedules calendars, organized planner, and a reminders system in an easy-to-use application. It is completely free, but it contains some sophisticated features hidden within an annual or monthly subscription. offers the possibility to integrate with both iPhone Reminders as well as Calendar apps. You can turn it off or on at any time in the app’s settings.

It is possible to connect with Google Calendar, Facebook, or Outlook by sending information to from any of these apps and reverse the process. was designed to facilitate collaboration, which makes it easy to share tasks or entire lists with other people to work on in only a few clicks.

Sub-tasks, notes, attachments, and reminders can further develop tasks. Any dates you type in will appear on the calendar, and your calendar will sync automatically with servers and other devices. A particularly cool feature is “Plan my Day,” which scans your list of to-dos to find important tasks and allows the user to put them on your calendar and defer them until future dates, mark them as completed, or completely remove them.

To-Do List App

3. Due

Due is a task list application to help you keep track of your most essential tasks. You must not neglect to complete this stuff, not even those little things you’d like to do one day (but most likely won’t ever).

In that way, Due is best used together with other accomplished applications. Create tasks in the app with just a click up. Natural language processing will help you decode the data, and the date picker is quick and lets you define a due date by hand. Press your Automatic Snooze button to be constantly informed about the due date until you decide to act upon it. The button will send you a message until you choose to set it.

Then, you can put off or mark the work done by the 3D Touch of the notification on the screen of your lock. The app also comes with setting recurring timers that can be set to begin whenever you’d like. You can use the optional iCloud and Dropbox sync feature to share your data between iOS devices as well as it also works with the Mac version without needing to sign up to create an account.

4. Todoist

Todoist has a few key distinctions: It’s cross-platform, collaborative, and completely free for download. We recommend it for iOS, but the program has a broad appeal. It’s also accessible across macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

It also includes an extension for browsers such as Chrome and Safari and integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook. Most of the features are available at no cost; however, it is necessary to sign up for the application to unlock its potential fully.

Once you’ve recorded your tasks in your inbox, it’s time to add them to your tasks, delegate them to others, set deadlines and priorities, and then place the smaller tasks within the bigger ones. It’s easy to get an impression of your calendar by looking at the tasks due today or within the coming week.

Once you’ve added some labels, you’ll be able to use saved searches to create special filters for particular projects (an extra feature that is available for a fee). Todoist’s extensive connection to Zapier allows you to automate tasks like creating task lists, updating them as needed, including comments, inviting users to complete tasks, marking them as completed, and more whenever an event occurs in other applications within your stack of technology.


When it comes down to to-do lists, search for user-friendliness and accessibility, cross-platform compatibility, reminder alarms, and the ability to be flexible. In the end, it’s all about finding the best solution for your needs and lifestyle. You can choose any of the above-mentioned apps that work for you!

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