The Best Golf Rangefinders

Gone are the days of searching for a yard stone or a sprinkler head and pacing off yardage from the position. Golfers struggle to locate the pin position and hope to have made correct calculations.

Today, golfers rely on rangefinders that help them shoot the yardage to the pin. As a result, rangefinders have boomed with popularity leading to a proliferation of offerings at different prices.

Therefore you should make the following consideration if you want the best golf rangefinders.

  • Accuracy- This is the number one requirement of every rangefinder. A GPS yardage finder provides yardages to areas surrounding the green and the hole map. Notably, the yard finder has a variability of around 5 yards on each measurement.

You need to be sure that the yardage provided is accurate, as you may find yourself over-clubbing if the device you are using accidentally picks up an object behind the flagstick instead of the flagstick itself. So, the device you choose should provide specific and accurate measurements to your aim.

  • Durability- For an average golfer, the range finder is a must-have for most of the game period. This means that the device may be used more than 50 times per round, especially on tough courses with hazards and doglegs.

The rangefinder will be removed from its case and tossed around to get the correct bearing and perhaps dropped off the ground uncountable times. Therefore, the device has to be made of strong materials enough to withstand these beatings and still provide accurate yardages without faults.

With the rangefinder devices’ varying price ranges, ensure you buy a device that will serve you this season and years to come.

  • Battery life- It would be frustrating to grab your rangefinder quickly, only to see the display suddenly go dim. Worse is the continuous beep that follows you throughout the course to remind you that the battery is about to die.

In most cases, these occurrences force golfers to carry backups with them to deal with disappointments. The pauses in the course would be annoying to partners who would have to shoot yardage for you as you fix the device.

Besides, carrying a backup battery with you would be costly since most of the CR2 batteries are quite pricey. If you have to switch out batteries in the week, you should replace the rangefinder with one that saves power and has long battery life.

Golf Rangefinders

  • Value- Since the rangefinders and their accessories come at a high price, you need to get the best bang for your money. Be careful not to rush for the lowest priced rangefinders as they may be appealing in the first instance but sacrifice too much on performance.

Therefore, it is worth spending some extra bucks for rangefinders with extra features than the simple gadget with a low cost. Most of the rangefinders commonly used by golfers today come with additional features contributing to their performance and cost.

Understanding your best rangefinders is the best way to be sure of getting the value for your money.

  • Optics- Advanced technology has led to the development of the best golf rangefinders you can get in the market today. The display is an essential aspect as it determines what you see through the device’s lens.

The rangefinder you choose should have a crystal clear display that resembles binoculars or a rifle scope. The optics should not be blurred to help you pick out the proper and accurate target. Besides, the display should support extensive magnification with an easy focus adjustment mechanism.

Best Golf Rangefinders for 2021

A man using Golf Rangefinder

The TecTecTec VPRO500

The TecTecTec device measures up to 500 yards with much precision. Although the device has budget options, the VPRO is popular for its elite performance that provides value for whatever you spend on it. The gadget’s common features include the pin sensor that provides accurate readings. The scan mode is also very perfect for all topographic details around the course.

Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder

Most laser rangefinders are produced by companies that previously specialized in hunting scopes and binoculars. However, Callaway has entered the market and produced a unique rangefinder with 6X magnification. Besides, the Callaway rangefinder provides precise slope readings up to 100 yards.

Gogogo Laser Rangefinder

This product’s fantastic yardage accuracy gives it an outstanding value. The rangefinder also has a vibration locking mechanism and quick scan measurement for the course’s different ranges. The slope calibrate function makes the Gogogo rangefinders popular among golfers as it provides accurate yardage regardless of the changes in elevation across the course.

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

With a solid metal housing, the Bushnell rangefinder is considered one of the most durable for golfers. Besides, the rangefinder has whistles and bells packed in an excellent package with other accessories to enhance performance and user experience. Although the Bushnell laser rangefinder is relatively expensive, it has unique features that give value to your bucks.

Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

The straight to the point rangefinder sticks to the basic and performs exceptionally. The device’s OLED screen and the bright red reticle make it easy to read in all conditions. Unlike most other brands rugged with a cheap plastic feeling, the Leupold rangefinder has an aluminum case for grip, pride, and comfort.

So, Should I Choose A GPS Or Laser Rangefinder?

It solely depends on you. The laser rangefinder will provide precise measurements, while GPS models have advantages such as overhead views to plan, especially for deceptive or blind shots. However, the GPS units are known to drift yards depending on the conditions, and they also consume batteries. Nonetheless, it would be best to have both but ensure that they don’t affect your performance and speed.

Acquiring a quality rangefinder is the best way to achieve accurate and quick shots. Learn how to use the rangefinders to maintain game flow and enthusiasm. Make the necessary considerations when choosing your rangefinders for the ultimate experience on the course.

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