Basic Tennis Betting Strategies You Need To Know

The tennis betting strategy is very popular among professional bettors and newcomers. There is no one hundred percent guarantee that all bets will play, but some can bring income in the medium or long run. To make a successful tennis bet, one should study the main features of the sport, analyze all available data, and understand the game and the tennis players thoroughly. Tennis predictions differ from football, basketball, volleyball, and other team sports. One can bet on games, game totals, and many more different outcomes.

It is quite possible to make a profit from any tennis match at the bookmakers’ offices. The most important thing, in this case, is to understand the meaning and methods of the system you are using. Choose the right matches that fit the structure of this strategy. A major advantage for tennis bettors is the virtually uninterrupted playing season, as tournaments are played all over the world regardless of the time of year.

The most popular strategies

Almost every player in the betting world would like to have a win-win strategy in place that allows them to make a regular income and beat the bookmakers. Unfortunately, this is all just a dream, reality tells a different story. There are no such strategies, unfortunately, but those that do exist give you the opportunity to increase your chances of winning. There are a lot of them today, but there are a couple of the most effective ones:

  • Strategy on games. This is a kind of catch-up, not recommended for beginners. The strategy is all about betting on the serving player’s winnings. For this strategy to work correctly, it is important to pick the right match. The players must have a different level of skill. This system can be combined with the catch-up.
  • Onsets. This strategy is offered in live mode with several conditions: the strength of the opponents should be equal and the difference in odds of success at the beginning of the game is not more than 0.60. The basic idea of the strategy is to bet against one of the players by the results of 1 set, with the odds of success not lower than 1.15. In case of growth of a quote and return of figures to the pre-match values, the bet “for” changes. The main rule for an effective strategy is to follow all conditions and carefully analyze the players in the match.
  • On a champion. The point of the strategy is to bet on a tennis player with odds between 1.45 and 1.65. These are mainly matches with obvious favorites and underdogs. The reference point, in this case, is the odds quoted by the bookmaker’s office. For a better effect, it can be combined with a catch-up.
  • The main tool in tennis betting. It is used when the opponents have equal chances, it’s actively used by experienced bettors. This value indicates the number of games to be played in matches. Having decided on the expected total, it is possible to combine it with a ladder or a catch-up.
  • Shchukin’s strategy.

It should be noted that all strategies used in tennis betting are divided into two categories: general strategies, which are used in different sports, and tennis strategies, which are specifically for tennis.

Pre-match analytics

Tennis strategies and analytics are closely related to each other. The process of analysis in tennis is a little simpler than in other sports, yet it remains the main argument for successful sports betting. So, what should be analyzed regularly to increase the chances of winning a bet:

  • The main factor affecting the pre-match layout. There are four types of surface: hard, ground, grass, and carpet. Each has its own characteristics, the main one being rebound. On a ground surface, it is high and slow, negating the importance of serves, which makes the playing process long and delicate. On grass surfaces, players with a strong serve have an advantage. A hard surface is a golden mean between ground and grass. It is the most optimal, as it gives an opportunity to show the real strength of players.
  • It should be the last to be taken into account, as the performance of the same player may vary considerably on different surfaces, and the ranking may completely lose its significance in such cases.
  • Tournament prestige and motivation. A key part of the analysis before the upcoming match. The main motivation is the prize money, with additional motivation being the home status of the tournament, the large cheering crowd in the stands, the prospect of promotion, and the fight to qualify for the final tournament of the year.
  • Face-to-face competition. What is meant here is an unsuitable opponent. Unsuitable means a certain style of playing tactics, the way of serving, the active hand (left or right). When identifying such an opponent, don’t forget to pay attention to the surface.
  • The current form. A key factor affecting betting. To determine it, you need to review two or three past matches in which players have participated.
  • Tennis player statistics. There is nothing more accurate than numbers. Pay attention to winning percentages from first and second serves, as well as games with their own serve. Be sure to look at the ratio of winnings and enforces.

Tennis betting is a whole science that has certain formulas, constants, variations, and unknowns in its arsenal. It is highly recommended to watch the matches regularly for greater betting efficiency because without a real picture it is very difficult to assess the current form of the tennis players. And without analyzing it, it’s hard to make a correct prediction and choose a strategy for the game. Enjoy a brilliant game, bet on tennis, and may fortune always be with you!

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