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You want to look your best in college. Here are some style tips for the younger guys out there who want to look better and stand out from the rest.

The fact that your friends might not dress well should not keep you from looking good. Sometimes guys think you’re gonna get made fun of if they dress up but the truth is if they make fun of you because you look good then more than likely they’re just jealous.

It may seem like they don’t dress up because they don’t want to but in reality we know that they don’t dress up because they don’t know how to. Don’t be afraid of letting people know that you care about the way you look.

So, the first thing you’re gonna need to do is invest in pieces that you can actually wear over and over again. For example:

Black Jeans style tips for teens
Black Jeans

Black jeans, because we know that teens and students are usually on a budget. You can literally wear the same pair of black jeans three days a week in people will never know. Just try not to wear them back-to-back but honestly even if you do you can make your outfits look so different that no one would even notice that you’re wearing the same jeans.

The same goes for basic t-shirts as well. Make sure you get some solid blacks some whites and then some of your favorite colors. That way you have a few options when you’re building your outfits. Anything with a logo or graphics and you’re not gonna be able to wear it as much just because people will notice that it’s the same t-shirt.

So, you can and you should have some of those but you can’t really get away with wearing them as often you should.

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Get some cheap accessories.

That way you can add some interesting pieces to your outfits and stand out even more. Accessories make even boring outfits look pretty cool so it’s worth having a few options.

Don’t be lazy. Don’t wear the same outfit every day you can get away with wearing the same jeans. But a different shirt, different accessories but not the same exact outfit.

Don’t wear your comfy sweatpants to school that day just because it’s raining outside and you’re not in a great mood.

You’ve all done it right and you’re kind of lazy today. You’re not really feeling like trying to find an outfit so you just gonna throw this on and you’re good. Well, what if halfway through college, the day gets nice the Sun comes out, and then the girl that you like comes and just sits right next to you and you look like a mess.

Girls like a guy who can dress well and you’re gonna wish you dressed well that day.

It’s okay and important to be comfortable but it doesn’t mean you have to look bad. Just wear some soft jeans or if you’re gonna wear sweatpants at least get some nice fitting joggers that are trendy and will still make your legs look good.

hairstyle tips teen
Hairstyle Pic : Instagram

Let’s talk about your hair.

There are two extremes that you need to avoid too messy or too perfect. Find a hairstyle in between. If you’re going to college every single day, too messy and it looks like you didn’t wash your hair which is bad and too perfect and it could also look like you’re trying too hard.

So just find a cool hairstyle that you like and don’t spend a crazy amount of time on it especially since you have to wake up early all ready to go to college. You want this to be nice and easy.

Don’t spend too much money on clothes.

You’re young you’re probably on a budget. There’s no need for you to go and spend all that money on the hottest brands right now or the coolest street-style trends.

Truth is your style and your tasting clothes it’s actually gonna change a lot in the next year so from 16 to 18 it’s gonna change completely from 18 to 21 again it’s going to change completely.

So if you spend a lot of money and you buy those really expensive trendy pieces right now they might not even be cool next year. So that’s why it’s much better to invest in basics and classics because they will always work. There is no need to get expensive logos on your clothes.

At the end of the day if they fit you properly you’re golden.

Girls always look at your shoes. So make sure you’re using one of these cleaning kits.

To sum it all up.

Style Tips

  • Invest in basics
  • Don’t be lazy
  • Don’t spend too much money on clothes
  • Find the right hairstyle for school and day today
  • Clean your shoes
  • Tailor your jeans


Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

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