Stop Comparing Yourself To Others: Have Your Own Desires

Comparing yourself to other people is one of the most toxic and damaging things that you can do.

We live in this world that’s fabricated by social media with fake identities, fake brands, fake people yet we still try and compare our wealth, our health, our dating life, and our bodies.

We try and compare everything to what we see and try to maintain these perfect standards. We try to be something that is unrealistic.

I am going to give you the advice to make sure that you don’t compare yourself and just be much more internally reference and go off your own standards. A great quote that I heard is:

“Don’t compare yourself with someone else compare yourself with where you could be”.

Comparing yourself in some aspects can be productive. You can learn things from other people but ultimately you want to compare yourself with your own potential. How far could you go?

It’s going to come to a point on this path of success that may be in one area if you want to be elite few, you’re right at the top and there are not many people to compare yourself with.

Perhaps if you’re right at the top you can’t compare yourself to anyone else because there’s no-one else that’s above you in that aspect.

Typically it’s the highest performing individuals that want to compare themselves. The analytical the logical the ones that want to get the most from their life.

So how do you overcome comparing yourself to others?

When it’s come to comparing yourself don’t compare in singular metrics such as wealth, health, body, relationships, etc. Compare yourself in a circumstance in everything. Don’t compare yourself on a single metric compare yourself in circumstance.

So, for example, you’re 26 years old and you want to be financially independent. You want to make a lot of money and you want to be a successful business person. You could compare yourself to the founder of Snapchat, the youngest ever billionaire Evan Spiegel.

He’s 26 yet he’s made like $4 billion his net worth is $4 billion and here I am broke. You could do that but that’s incredibly unproductive.

It doesn’t take into account all the extenuating circumstances and external factors such as like what circumstances did he grow up in. were his parent’s investors, were his parents involved in the tech industry, what kind of education did he have, what was his upbringing like, what was his exposure to certain ideas and technologies like.

99% of the cases is going to be completely different. So we understand that we can’t compare financial metrics, financial understanding, or building a business in that singular way because of the circumstance that you’ve grown up in.

If you grew up in a poor lower-class family in a ghetto and you’re like why am I not a billionaire yet there are no excuses. It’s a great thing to say there are no excuses but it’s discouraging and it will motivate you if you set yourself unrealistic standards.

Don’t just go on saying that “I don’t have that perfect body or I don’t have that 10 billion in my bank account yet”. Don’t compare the entirety of the circumstances. It doesn’t mean you can’t aim for that and it doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for that level of impact in your life. What it does mean is that you’re setting yourself much more realistic goals so that’s the first thing.

Become more self-aware

Becoming more self-aware around the fact you’re comparing yourself to other people. If you catch yourself looking at Instagram going why don’t I have huge shoulders and ripped abs 6 pack or whatever it might be.

Let’s say you’re one of these guys and you want to get there. You have to compare what’s your diet like, are you eating a similar sort of food or similar sort of calorie intake? What’s the next stage? Are you juicing are you on growth hormones are you on steroids?

You know circumstances are not the same so you can’t expect the same level of results and also you’ve got to take into account genetics. But the point I’m trying to make here is just if you catch yourself thinking and comparing yourself in that way and you realize the context you just become more self-worried about it.

Be grateful

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful way to overcome comparing yourself to other people. Instead of going, I haven’t got $4 billion like Evan Spiegel go you know what I have an opportunity to make that money I have the education I have the resources I have the Internet I’m reading articles like this one.

So there are no real excuses. I am lucky I’m one of the fortunate few that is awakened by this idea that I can make that much.

It’s just about being grateful. There was a study done. It shows that when you’re grateful the part of your brain that is afraid that’s kind of distraught and terrorized just deactivates when you’re grateful.

Focus on your strengths

What are your strengths?

Genetically you might not be able to get a body as good as that fitness model and because you’re not on steroids or whatever it is. But think about this. What are your strengths?

Maybe you’re more intellectual and maybe you can leverage that to massive business success. Maybe your dating life isn’t as good as my dating life because you haven’t put in the 10,000 hours that I have put in to get the results that I’ve gotten.

What can you do how do you leverage off your intelligence? Whether that is building a super sexy online dating profile or being able to network better because of better connections. Leverage your own personal strengths instead of comparing yourself to others.

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