Steps To Become A Truck Driver In The United States

Truck driving is one of the most popular professions that Americans choose. There are more than three million truck drivers in the country. Moreover, truck driving as a profession is never going to get out of trend. Due to the complications in supply chain management, the demand for expert truck drivers is constantly rising and is set to increase in the future. Also, since the wages are good, truck driving has truly become a good career choice.

In the United States, if you want to become a truck driver, you must go to Florida because most of the country’s truckers are from this state only. Moreover, there are plenty of truck driving schools Florida where you can enroll yourself to get the best training and resources.

Becoming a truck driver is easy if you start early and gather all the necessary information for the process. Here are some of the steps you can follow to become a truck driver in the United States.

1. Find out the eligibility criteria

One has to fulfill specific eligibility criteria for the licensing test and other formalities. Firstly, in most states, you must be 18 years old to apply for the CDL, but in some states, you must be over 21 to apply for the license. So, you must read on various websites and your state’s DMV regarding the eligibility criteria for a CDL license. Besides being eligible, you must have specific documentation in hand to begin the process.

2. Identify the issues that could hamper the process

Once you have figured out the eligibility criteria, you need to consider other factors that might hamper the whole process. For instance, people who are on certain prescription medications or have certain medical conditions might not apply for the CDL. Moreover, people with physical handicaps, criminal offenses, and felony charges may also be restricted from applying for the CDL.

On the other hand, you can get a waiver for some physical disabilities after consulting with a doctor. As long as your disability does not come in the way of operating a truck, you can get a waiver. Moreover, in some cases, felony charges might be overlooked as well.

Truck Driver

3. Get admission in a truck driving school

When you enroll yourself in a truck driving school, you get to learn from instructors who have ample driving experience themself. You also get a chance to connect with fellow aspiring drivers and build a community with them. Besides, enrolling in a truck driving school will help you learn all the ins and outs of the industry and trucking in a better way.

Trucking schools also have placement cells, so once you attain your CDL, your chances of landing a good job increase since the school would help you in the process. So, consider opting for truck driving schools in Florida since they are considered the best in the country.

4. Download or get the local CDL manual

The CDL manual differs from state to state, so you must get the CDL manual about your state. For instance, if you plan to give your CDL test in Florida, then study from Florida’s CDL manual.

5. Fill out the learner’s permit application

To give the CDL test, you must have a learner’s license at least two weeks old. You must complete the learner’s permit application to give the CDL test later on. Filling the application form might be tricky, so you must take the help of any staff member from the trucking school to ensure you are filling the form correctly.

6. Practice

After getting the learner’s permit, you can start studying and practicing. On average, it takes about three hundred hours of training to clear the CDL test. Most students often focus more on driving but learning about the components and other things also matters, so you must pay equal attention in the classroom.

Besides driving the truck, you must have ample knowledge about the truck’s components, how they work, how to fix the essential elements, and their importance. Moreover, it would be best to learn tons of checklists as they are the truck driver’s responsibility.

7. Give the CDL test

In the test, you will be based upon various factors, and the instructor will conduct different forms of tests. The lists of tests include but are not limited to. A vehicle inspection or pre-trip inspection list test, basic controls test, docking tests, and a road test.

So, these are some of the steps you can follow to become a truck driver in the United States.

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