10 Steps To Achieve Anything You Want In Life: Be Successful

In order to achieve anything in life, you have to work hard.

By working hard I mean really hard.

Success doesn’t come easy.

Success came to those who worked for it and if you don’t work hard enough you will never achieve it.

Here are some of the specific steps that you can actually start doing right now to be successful and to achieve anything in life.

#1. Stop bullshitting!

Stop doing stupid shit, stop beating around the bush, stop putting it off, and just START DOING IT.

definiton of success

#2. Do it.

How do you achieve your goal?

By doing it. Just do it. If you have a goal, what are you doing RIGHT NOW to actually achieve it? If your goal is to be a millionaire, What are you doing RIGHT NOW to achieve it? Are you working, investing, learning about stocks or working on a business plan?

Think about this: What are you doing RIGHT NOW to achieve your goal? NOT what are you thinking about maybe doing at some point in the future?

What are you doing right now?

If you’re not doing anything, start doing stuff. If you don’t know how to do it, then just do it. Just start doing stuff. Immerse yourself in it.

“You can do ANYTHING if you believe you can do it. You just have to do it.” If you want to be a professional footballer but you’ve never played football before, stop right there. Start exercising so you’re in better shape, look at gear and decide what you want to get.

Just start doing stuff.

Don’t think “I only have 15 minutes, so there’s no point starting on anything, I’ll just do it later.”

Just start. Just do stuff. Even if you only do a little amount, you’re still moving forward. And you may make a breakthrough or have an amazing insight in that short amount of time. Don’t waste it.

#3. Immerse yourself in it.

Focus on one goal at a time.

What’s most important to you RIGHT NOW? Do that. Immerse yourself in your goal and in things that will help you achieve that goal. If you’re not sure what to do next, just pick something and do it.

Immerse yourself in everything related to your goal.

As you improve at this skill, your desire to take random breaks and screw around will decrease more and more, so you’ll significantly improve your focus, and you’ll improve yourself.

Spend almost all day every day working towards your goals. During the day, learn and try new things. If you’re traveling,  listen to an audiobook and learn things that’ll be beneficial to your goal.

If you watch a movie at night, pick something that’s related to your goal. For example, if your goal is being a footballer, then if you want to watch a movie. It’ll hype you up and boost your desire to learn more.

Just be immersed in it.

working hard for success

#4. Do something you LOVE.

If you have a goal, and you TRULY care about it, and you’re REALLY passionate about it, and you HAVE to achieve it no matter what – you’re obviously gonna put a lot more into it.

Don’t set goals just for the sake of setting them, like how people do with New Years Resolutions.

Your goal should be something you really, really want.

A lot of people just “exist,” they have generic goals like “get married, buy a house, die.” Ok .are those YOUR goals? Or are you just doing things “by default”, because “it’s what everyone does”?

Do things you actually like doing. The majority of your day should be spent doing things you love.

You should be incredibly passionate about the things you choose to work on, and you’ll work on them.

You may have to do something else first to make enough money to start that business you want to start, but you’ll be able to get a lot more into that first step because you’ll know you’re actually working towards something.

Don’t just “exist,” don’t just go through the motions.

Actually, DO stuff. REAL stuff.

#5. Always move forward.

In every single action you take, there are 3 possibilities.

1. Forward

You’re closer to achieving your goal

2. Neutral

You’re staying in the same place

3. Backwards

You’re moving further away from achieving your goal. Make sure EVERY action you take moves you FORWARD, towards your goal. If you make a mistake, don’t regret it and don’t think that because you made a mistake you moved backward.

By making mistakes, you’re moving FORWARD, because you’re testing new things, and learning from them. Always learn from your mistakes.

If you make a mistake, sit there and analyze it. What exactly did you do wrong? How can you avoid doing it wrong the next time? And what did you learn from it?

Extract the lesson, and move forward.

Also, don’t be indecisive. You should think about what you need to do, but at some point, you need to actually DO it. If you’re unsure about what to do, just pick something and do it.

If it turns out to be a bad decision, you’ll have time to fix it, as opposed to taking a really long time on the decision only to later realize it was a bad one but it’s too late to fix because you used all your time thinking about it.

Experiment with a lot of stuff and figure out what works.

#6. Learn from everything you do.

So you’re immersed in your goal and you spend your days working towards it.

But you don’t only have to sit in a laboratory all day.

If you go out, to movies, shows, performances, if you walk around with friends, if you volunteer somewhere or if you work another job to pay the bills, you don’t have to see this as “downtime.”

If you’re truly immersed in your goal, you’ll start seeing it everywhere.

Learn from everything you do.

If your goal is to be a millionaire, notice potential business ideas, marketing ideas, and networking opportunities in various things. If your goal is to be a professional painter, get ideas for your next painting by looking at the things around you, if you’re watching a movie you can get ideas for new color palettes, and so on.

Don’t separate your life into “productive time” and “wasted time.”

Learn from everything.

Make ALL your time into productive time.

This goes hand-in-hand with tip #4 about LOVING what you do.

If you don’t truly love it, you’ll end up separating your life into work time and playtime, and you’ll ask something like “but how do you work all day? don’t you take breaks?”

The answer is, you don’t want to take breaks.

Because you should love what you do.

Working on it is better than a break.

#7. Have a schedule.

Make yourself a schedule. Here’s an example of a possible day in your life:

Wake up. Eat breakfast, while starting to think and roll some ideas around in my head. Work. Eat lunch, while reading a book. Work. Eat dinner, with family and friends, positive people who are a part of my vision. Gym, while listening to an audiobook. Work. Watch TV or a movie. Do whatever you want to do: maybe read a book, or read some articles online, or send some emails. Meditate. Sleep.

So as you can see, you’ll work towards your goal almost all day every day, and really immerse yourself in it, as I said in tip #3.

This doesn’t mean you have to stick to exactly the same schedule every single day, but it is DEFINITELY beneficial to make a schedule that works for you, so you use your time efficiently, and you aren’t just blundering around.

have schedule for business success

#8. Have a To-Do List.

Make a to-do list, and start knocking things out.

This is useful because you always know exactly what you want to do.

And it helps you avoid distractions, because, if you think of something while you’re working on something else, just add it to the list, finish what you’re already doing, and then hit the next thing after.

You don’t need to multitask. Another thing you can try is this: at night before you go to sleep, define the one thing you NEED to get done the next day, in order for it to be a successful, productive day.

Don’t just pick any random thing, use your time to define the one, or sometimes two or three, things, that will generate the most results for your goal.

Then the next day, you know exactly what to work on.

to do list for success and money

#9. Avoid distractions.

Put your phone on silent and don’t check it at all while you’re focused on something.

Don’t check social media.

Don’t listen to music. (unless it actually helps you)

One tip you can try is listening to the same playlist on repeat every time you do work, and you’ll get used to it so it’ll serve as more of a backdrop than a distraction. Don’t have the TV on. If you’re working on something, work on it.

If you keep DECIDING to be distracted, you’ll be really inefficient and it’ll take you forever to get anything done.

When you work, you should focus on what you’re doing, and you should put all into it, and that’s it.

Say No To Distractions placard isolated on white background

#10. Just do it.

Never make excuses.

Never be negative.

Like I said, if you want to do something, you just have to DO IT. NEVER MAKE EXCUSES.

Don’t complain about anything – if something happens and you don’t like it, fix it and move on. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

If you have a friend who’s always being negative and you see that being around him is a step backward, then cut him out of your life and be done with it. Never make excuses.

You’re not rich enough and you don’t have money to invest, you weren’t born into the right connections, you aren’t good-looking enough, you aren’t tall enough, you don’t have anyone to support you. That is all bullshit.

Identify the problem, find the solution, and do it. And if you don’t know the solution, just start doing stuff until you find it.


Do stuff you want to. Immerse yourself in it. Love whatever you want to do. Always move forward. Schedule your work. Learn from everything.

Have a To-Do list. Have no distractions in life if you want success. No excuses or negativity. Just do it.

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