9 Ways To Stay Cool In Summer Heat: Beat The Heat

It is summer and it is hot out there.

You want to stay cool in summer and avoid the heat.

I’m going to share with you 9 tips to help keep you cool and beat the heat.

1. Stay properly hydrated

Staying hydrated is pretty obvious. So don’t wait until you just sweat it and worked out, don’t wait until you’re feeling thirsty to drink plenty of water drink water throughout the day and make sure that you’re staying ahead of the game.

Not only are you losing fluids in your body but with it, you’re losing important electrolytes that are necessary for the proper beating of your heart and from muscle contraction. So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluids than it takes in. Not only are you losing fluids in your body but with it, you’re losing important electrolytes that are necessary for the proper beating of your heart and from muscle contraction.

When you’re dehydrated, you want fast relief for your symptoms. Many people will tell you to rehydrate with water or other beverages to alleviate the symptoms of dehydration.

Typically it’s about half your body weight in ounces but I would say in the summertime trying to shoot for a little bit more just to make sure that you’re properly hydrated.

2. Replenish electrolytes and minerals

9 Ways To Stay Cool In Summer Heat

If you’re working out outside, if you are working in the garden, if you’re really exerting yourself outdoors and you’re sweating a lot then it might be necessary that in addition to water you want something that replenishes those electrolytes that are lost, those minerals that are lost through sweat.

One thing you can do is drink plenty of coconut water. Coconut water has potassium and other minerals that you lose every time you sweat. Get it straight out of the coconut but you can certainly buy one of those manufacturing brands and have some of that.

3. Pace yourself/ Take breaks

If you are exerting yourself outdoors, if you are playing sports or gardening then you want to pace yourself. This is really important because the effects of heatstroke don’t happen gradually.

They can happen really all of a sudden and then it could be too late and it might be hard then to get the electrolytes in your body at a fast enough pace to help stabilize things.

So you want to take breaks throughout the day. So sit in the shade for a little while go inside and cool off but absolutely pace yourself when you’re outdoors.

4. Watermelon & Cucumber

9 Ways To Stay Cool In Summer Heat

Eat things like watermelon and cucumber because they’re very cool into the body. They also help with reducing the amount of fluid retention that sometimes happens from being outdoors to or being in the heat for too long.

One thing you could do is just make sure that you get these in your diet. You can juice these two things together and then I drink if you’re having a really hot day and you’re going to be outdoors for a long time.

5. Wear light coloured clothing

Wear clothes that have fabric that is light and airy and also the colour is light. If you’re wearing black, browns with dark colours you’re going to attract more heat into your body. Colours like white pale colours reflect heat off of your body.

6. Aloe vera/ Coconut oil

Keeps things like aloe vera or coconut oil in the house because if you do spend a lot of time outdoors and you do expose yourself to a lot of Sun and you get some burns.

These are a great way to help soothe and cool the skin down. You can just cut a piece of an inch of aloe off of the plant put it straight on there or just use coconut oil and just apply it to your sunburns. That will really help reduce the redness and the pain associated with sunburns.

7. Omega-3 EFA

To help prevent severe some burns in addition to wearing sunscreen and wearing hats you might want to consider taking an omega-3 essential fatty acid. It will help reduce some of the inflammation in your body and offset some of the effects of getting too much Sun.

8. Cold shower in the evening

Ways to survive hot summer

At the end of the day consider taking a cold shower or a cold bath to cool your body temperature down and help you get more restorative and restful sleep. If you go to bed feeling hot and your body is feeling just hotter because you’ve been exposed to the sun all day you’re going to have a hard time sleeping.

That’s just going to affect your equilibrium the next day and the way you spend the next day. So take a cool bath to take a cool shower and let everything calm down a little bit so you can get more restful sleep and cool off at the other day.

9. Reduce starch, Dairy & Sugar

In Chinese medicine, the summer governs the heart and the small intestine energy. So you might want to consider looking at your diet and making adjustments to help protect those two energy systems in the body.

So, for example, you might want to reduce things like too many simple or too many starches and dairy in general in your diet. Reduce or eliminate the number of sugars in your diet and that will go a long way towards protecting your small intestine and in turn protecting your heart energy.


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