Simple Steps For Souping Up Your Home Security

Almost everybody thinks that it will never happen to them, but home burglaries happen more than you think. It just takes one opportunist to spot your house as a good target and it’s game over for most of your things.

Thousands of homes are robbed every single day and the problem here is that many of these could’ve been prevented with just some simple measures. Your home is your castle and you deserve for it to feel that way.

It shouldn’t feel like somewhere that you are not safe – it’s the place that you get to come home to at the end of the day, it’s your nest that allows you to be comfortable when you need to sleep, and you shouldn’t fear being inside your home.

Whether you are looking into apartment smart locks, or you are trying to lock the front and the back doors of your bungalow home, you should feel as safe as possible. With this in mind, we have some of the best steps you need to super up your home security.

  • Check out your doors: Whether you are in a house or an apartment block, you need to know that your doors are secure. You can put smart locks on your apartment doors but you should also ensure that your doors have the sturdy hinges that they need so nobody can just shoulder the door and it will cave in. If you don’t have a deadbolt you should have one installed, and you should make sure that the frame of your door is strong. Consider the quality of the hardware, too, especially if you want to improve its safety of it.
  • Start researching security systems: Home alarm systems can help you effectively keep your home protected from burglars. Before you purchase one of the systems, however, you should consider the features that are available. There are some home security systems out there that require you to push the pin code into a touchpad, but others just require you to use an app on your phone or tablet. Research the security system that’s right for your home, and go from there.

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  • Put some security signs If your safety system comes with signs and window decals, put them up. Warning people that there are security measures around your home is the first step in protecting it. You want to deter the burglars, and they are more likely to move on to a target that presents less risk.
  • Add some lights. Burglaries do happen during the day, but these are criminals that also take a lot more risks than others. Most of these crimes happen during the night while you’re asleep, where burglars will cut holes in the window just to reach in and grab your keys. When it comes to placing the lights on the exterior of your property, think like a burglar. Where would your lights be effective? How far is the reach of the glare when they do come on? You have to ensure there is nowhere to hide because then if the lights come on you’ll be able to see anybody in your front or your backyard.
  • Test your windows. Are your windows as secure as your doors? They should be. Checking the windows and that the current locks are working is your first step, and installing new locks is your next step. If you ensure that your windows are as strong as your doors, nobody is going to try to come into your home without your permission. Your windows need to be sufficiently locked, so call somebody to help you with this.
  • Look at the CCTV surveillance systems. Wireless or ring cameras are listed as one of the most effective burglary deterrents out there. Nobody wants to be recorded as they commit crimes, and ring cameras near the doorbell and at the back of the house are actually one of the smartest investments that you could make when it comes to home monitoring devices. There are plenty of options when it comes to CCTV, so whether you want traditional CCTV cameras installed or you’d like recordable ones, you have choices.
  • Cut back the bushes. If your home has bushes or shrubbery around the edges, it’s bound to look lovely. The problem with them is that they are convenient covers for criminals who want to break into your home and harm you or steal your things. But they don’t want to act out in the open so they look for places they can hide, and bushes and shrubbery are perfect for this, eliminating them and cutting them back will get rid of the risk.

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