9 Signs He Only Wants to Hook Up

The 21st-century woman creates a love life that she absolutely loves. I’m going to be sharing with you the nine signs that a dude is only interested in sex & hookup and nothing more.

never meets family sign of hookup

He doesn’t want a relationship

If he says it then listen to him. I mean, don’t think that you can change a guy. Respect what he wants. He wants to respect his lifestyle choice and respect the fact that he was upfront with you about what is that he wants.

You’ve never met his friends or family

If you’ve been spending a lot of time together but no one else knows about it, then he probably hasn’t introduced you to them because he doesn’t want to send you the wrong message that you’re in a relationship number.

never went on date hookup signs

He’ll disappear for days with absolutely no notice

And then he’ll come back into your life and only want one thing. This probably means that he’s gone off, tried to meet other women. Failed miserably then comes back to you because he wants to get laid.

He won’t meet up with you anywhere where you can’t have sex

Believe it or not, men think ahead and if all they want is sex with one person and they know that that won’t be possible wherever it is then they probably won’t go.

He never wants to spend any time with you

In the morning after you hook up if a guy is falling in love with you then he’s going to want to spend time with you the next morning and really the next day.

If he’s only interested in sex then he’s only gonna want morning sex then he’s going to have random plans with his friends like brunch plans with some random people. He’s not going to invite you if that’s the case sorry ladies he doesn’t want anything more than just sex.

He makes absolutely sure that you don’t forget anything when you leave his home the next day

It’s sad but true, but he doesn’t want to risk having to see you again if he decides that you know it’s time to move on and he wants something else.

So he’s going to make sure that his apartment is completely clean of any trace of you.

signs of hookup compliments

You’ve never actually been on a date with him

When a guy is really into a woman or he’s in love with the woman he’s going to want to take her out. He’s gonna want to impress her and he’s going to want to take her on that real date.

However, if all he wants is sex then he’s always going to want is have sex and nothing else.

Every conversation revolves around sex

If sex is at the forefront of every single conversation you have with him then that’s probably the only thing on his mind.

He only compliments you on your looks

If a guy is unable to express anything to you other than you’re beautiful or you’re gorgeous then he’s probably not looking for anything else about you.

Now one thing I want you to remember is just because a guy’s displaying maybe one or two of these signs does not mean that all he wants is sex. Don’t freak out from reading this article just because he’s displaying only one or two of these signs.

Here’s the thing though if he’s displaying a lot of these signs or all of these signs then you’re definitely going to want to seriously reevaluate that relationship unless of course, all you want is sex.

And here’s the one sign that only you want sex he does all these things and you keep sleeping with them.

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