5 Shirts Every Guy Needs in His Closet

Here are the five shirts that every guy needs if you’re building your closet. These are the five essential shirts that you should definitely get from

1. Muscle Tee

let’s show off those biceps man with a nice tee. What I mean by a muscle tee is just get something that fits you well. Don’t get anything that’s gonna cut your circulation off your arm because it doesn’t look good and it’s not comfortable. Rather buy some nice affordable t-shirts instead of buying a lot of them. The key here again is just to fit, nothing to lose or too baggy.

You want to get as close as possible to a tailored fit with this t-shirt. You guys already know why you should have a nice fitting t-shirt in your closet but you know, you can literally just wear them on their own with jeans for a nice casual look, under a jacket for a dressed-up look, you can run to the gym or to the bar with them.


2. A Nice Crisp White Dress Shirt

Honestly, this is the kind of shirt that you invest in and you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can style it in so many different ways. Style a leather jacket and more a white button-up with a skinny black tie under the leather jacket it’s a really cool look you can wear on a date or maybe to impress everyone on a night out. You can wear it on its own with chinos maybe nice sunglasses and of course, you can wear it under a nice jacket or suit. So you can see how versatile this shirt really is.

If you’re on a budget you can get one decent Oxford slim fit white shirt and wear it so many different ways that people wouldn’t even know you’re wearing the same shirt. You can wear it over and over again. I would say just try to get something without a chest logo or any other trendy details because that makes it easier to match you with everything else.

White Dress Shirt

3. Button-Up Shirt

The best casual button-up shirts you can get are the ones that you can wear both tucked and untucked. To make sure that you’re buying the right one when you try the shirt on making sure it doesn’t go halfway down your thigh because that is too long. They’re just not meant to be on at that point. Those really long shirts actually make you look short and stumpy. It’s kind of an awkward look. So get something a little bit shorter, also make sure they fit you properly on the shoulders and that you can move around. That way you look good and you’re comfortable. You can literally just tuck them in and you’re gonna look sharp. If you untuck them, roll up your sleeves. Then you’re ready for a night out with your buddies.

Button-Up Shirt

4. Henley

It’s just a nice change right sometimes.. You want to go out and you want to look good but you don’t want to dress up that much and also you don’t really want to be too casual. With just a t-shirt so you pick something in between so throw on a Henley. Some accessories, jeans and you’re golden. You’ll get so many compliments on them because not every guy wears them.

Now if you’re trying to take it up a notch and the t-shirt might be too casual, the Henley might be a little too casual then there’s a perfect shirt for you

5. Polo Shirt

A nice fitting polo is the best you can own. I’ll tell you why a lot of guys overlook the polos because if you get the wrong one they can look kind of old school or like grandpas. So you need to find something that fits you well but it’s also made of nice elevated material. That doesn’t mean you should spend a lot of money on this. I have a few from H&M & Zara and they were all pretty affordable. It’s a really great way to show that you know what you’re doing.

For example, when I wear polos I got a lot of compliments and interesting comments like wow that looks really good. I would never think to style it like that or I don’t even have any polos because I didn’t think they look so good. So the truth is a lot of guys don’t really take advantage of the polo shirts and they’re missing out.

Polo Shirt

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