6 Sex Tips Every Man Must Read

Movies often set unrealistic expectations for sex. If you’re like many men, you might feel self-conscious of your appearance during intercourse, struggle with performance anxiety, or worry if you’ve satisfied your partner’s needs.

If you want to be better in bed, there are various actions you can perform to improve your sexual pleasure and satisfy your partner. Here are six sex tips every man must read.

1. Find the Male G-Spot

If you have yet to stimulate the male g-spot, you’re missing out on a considerable amount of pleasure during sex. Located in the prostate, it will provide an orgasm unlike any other, and stimulating the area can even help some men overcome erectile dysfunction. Take your sex life to the next level by hitting the male G-spot the next time you get hot and heavy with a partner. You won’t regret it.

2. Exercise with Your Partner

Do you want to enjoy a healthier, more active sex life? Start exercising with your partner. Physical activity improves a person’s self-image, increases libido, and boosts their mood. If you work out regularly with your other half, you will both increase your sex drive and confidence. Also, exercise is essential for healthy sex life, as improved cardiovascular health can support normal erectile function.

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3. Use Lubricant

Don’t feel embarrassed about using lubricant in the bedroom. Many women struggle with vaginal dryness for various reasons, such as hormones, stress, tiredness, or low libido. Using a lubricant will improve their pleasure and support your performance. It is one product every man and woman should use in the bedroom.

4. Try Male Sex Toys

It might surprise you to learn that sex toys aren’t restricted to women. Many fantastic products are available on the market for men, such as rings, massagers, strokers, and various accessories. Also, you could pick up couple’s toys to use with your partner to spice up your sex life. It’s a great way to shake things up inside the bedroom and experience new sensations.

5. Explore Erogenous Zones

Everyone has various erogenous zones across the body, which can improve your enjoyment with a partner. For example, you may enjoy someone caressing the nape of your neck or prefer nipple stimulation. Take your time exploring various zones together to learn about your likes and dislikes during the throes of passion.

6. Exercise Your Kegel Muscles

It’s not only women who have kegel muscles, as men have them, too. If you’re unsure how to locate them, attempt to stop urination in the middle of its stream. This is where the muscles are that connect to your pelvic floor.

You can exercise your pelvic floor by:

  1. Tightening your pelvic floor muscles
  2. Holding a contraction for three seconds
  3. Relaxing for three seconds
  4. Repeating the above actions a few more times

Strengthening the muscles will lead to improved control of your erection and orgasm. You can perform kegel exercises in almost any position, such as when sitting, standing, and walking.

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