Savvy Ways To Look Stylish Even With A Face Mask

Since the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic began, many have found ways to stop its spread. Safety measures like washing of hands, social distancing, being vaccinated, and staying at home are primary ways people do to keep the virus at bay.

Likewise, wearing facemasks has also become a functional tool to prevent the spread of the virus. Facemasks are effective in doing its job, it’s because the saliva particles that are expelled when you cough, sneeze or speak are physically blocked by them.

Moreover, as facemasks become a regular accessory, many are looking to mix them with style and fashion. Therefore, there have been ways to fit facemasks with people’s clothes. So, here are the savvy ways to look stylish even with a face mask:

1. Have A Printed Facemask

You can avail masks that have designs or artwork printed on them. These are called printed facemasks, and the design found in them can either be printed directly on newly manufactured facemasks, or the designer can decide to apply printed fabrics to make the masks. Furthermore, one way to incorporate prints is to mix low-key patterns with an over-the-top piece, like gingham and hibiscus, or stripes with tie-dye.

Overall, if you wish to have your own uniquely designed printed facemasks, many services can provide you with one. Try Printful custom face masks if you want to customize your masks or even sell them.

guy wearing face mask

2. Make Your Hair Stylish

Jennifer Hittle, a veteran in the beauty industry who worked with high-class clients like L’Oreal Professionnel and is the current company director of cosmopolitan studies for hair colorists, said that the hair is the original accessory and that the wearing of masks shouldn’t dominate a person’s hairstyle.

Hair is instrumental to looking good with a facemask. And men and women can enhance their hair by giving it a style. You can straighten it, make an updo, curl it, or even have a faded haircut. Similarly, you can brighten the tones of your dulled hair parts and keep the color nice by using a conditioner with semipermanent dye or color wash shampoo. Altogether, whatever type of care or hairstyle you may want to do, make sure you look the best version of yourself because of it.

3. Match Your Outfit

One way to look in style is to match the facemasks with the colors of what you wear. You can use monochromatic outfits that are luxurious and pleasing to look at. To get the monochromatic look, you can use a single color like black for your pants, shirts, and mask. You can also select a mix of single colors, such as combining light blue, dark blue, and navy blue with your outfits.

Likewise, you can also use contrasting colors if you want a more complex pattern for your facemask and clothes. To apply color contrasts, one can check the color wheel and choose colors that oppose each other in the spectrum. For example, you might choose a light blue mask and pair it with a red t-shirt. And lastly, you can also take note of the fabric and design of your masks. Choosing a mask with the same fabric and design as your outfit can show that you’re well put together.

4. Choose Accessories That Match

Another way to add cohesiveness to your style with facemasks is to match it to your shoes, handbags, wristwatch, eyeglasses, bracelets, and earrings. One way of coordinating a facemask is to have it with the same design, color, pattern, or fabric as your other accessories. Also, another way is to have a floral mask paired with a floral scarf while wearing monotone clothes such as all black.

This type of matching can be a subtle way to communicate elegance without being too pushy. Overall, matching a facemask to an outfit has endless possibilities, and the scope of your imagination is the only limit.

To End

Since the pandemic started, it has messed up people’s usual routine all around the clock. Similarly, there have been a ton of ways that people use to adjust and protect themselves. This adjustment includes maintaining social distancing, staying at home, washing hands, and being vaccinated.

Moreover, another source of virus prevention that has been used is facemasks. And as time passed, it’s been a tool to pump up one’s style. Likewise, there are some savvy ways to use it fashionably with one’s looks. These ways are to have printed facemasks, matching them with accessories, matching them with clothes, and blending them with the right hairstyle.

All in all, wearing a mask can help protect the community from the virus and can also be fun and stylish as well; therefore, use it anytime you are going places.

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