How To Satisfy Woman In Bed: Sexual Tips For Men

For some men to satisfy women in bed is the hardest thing. These tips will help you become a master in satisfying your women. After you read this article both you and your partner will be in seven heavens.

Before I go any further the question arises, why we need a whole topic to discuss this?

Because unlike men, women don’t get aroused very easily. But when they get in the mood you are in for a treat. Everyone has different taste but these tips will surely help you get better. Sex isn’t just about you, your partner wants to enjoy it as well.

Communication Is The Key

1. Communicate

When you and your partner are aroused don’t just go hard and finish fast. Have a sexy conversation. Taking it easy will help your women to get aroused. This will help to satisfy your women in bed. Talk about how you are going to do it, what things you will do to her. This will make the mood sexy and turn her on. Talk dirty and it will become the best time of your life.

2. Foreplay

Foreplay is probably one of the most important parts of sex. Remember you are not running a sprint. Don’t just rush into it. Hug her, kiss her, and feel her. When you will feel a good connection she will automatically feel a connection. Don’t just rush for having an orgasm, you can have that alone. It’s all about making love and how you make love.

3. Be A Bit Aggressive

By being aggressive I mean use romantic aggression. wait! Don’t bring fifty shades here. Pin her hands above her head or give her hair a light tug whenever she gets up to brush her teeth in the morning. She’ll call in a sick day at work just to be in bed with you.

Kissing Is One Way Of Showing Your Love

4. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, and Kiss

Don’t limit kissing to just foreplay. Kiss her when you are doing all sorts of things to her. It will keep the mood-lit. It creates an emotional relationship with your partner. Girls like to be loved and kissing is one of the ways to show your love towards them. Kiss her like it’s your last kiss. Your lips are your asset and make sure you use some lip balm. Some mouth freshener will also help. Just don’t eat some garlic before kissing her. That would be gross.

Science Proved Socks Help During Sex

5. Socks

Wait for what? Socks!

Well, it is true. These tips are curated according to what science says and science says wear socks while having sex. Science says they help you orgasm.

Their reasoning is simple: wearing socks, in addition to keeping you warm, helps the blood vessels in your feet dilate, allowing for improved blood flow. This not only helps you doze off more quickly, but it also facilitates earth-shattering orgasms.

Next time your significant other want to try something crazy, bust out those socks, and tell her how it works.

6. Mixture

Don’t use the same old positions you are used to again and again. Try different positions, try it on the sofa, try it in the bathroom, try it on the floor, try it at the terrace (Make sure no one’s watching (Google Maps)). What I mean to say is mix stuff while you have sex. What happens when you do one stuff, again and again, you get bored. That is the same with sex if you do it the same way every day it will become boring for both.

7. Role Play

By role-playing with your partner, you can abandon all inhibitions, get into character, and act out your most secret sexual fantasies. Did you have a crush on a hot professor in college, a former boss, or the cute barista from your local coffee shop? Or did you perhaps find yourself aroused by the idea of anonymous sex with a stranger? With role-playing, you can do all of those things and more — without cheating on your partner or leaving the security of your current relationship.

chocolates Improve Sexual Health

8. Sexual Food

If you want to put some sizzle back into your sex life, food can help you set the mood. There’s nothing better than a romantic, home-cooked dinner, featuring some R-rated foods to help turn up the heat. “There’s a growing body of evidence that some of the vitamins and components in foods can enhance sexual function and sexual experience,”

9. What she likes

Do you know what she likes? Your past girlfriend and your present one might like different things. Two women never love the same thing. The easiest way to please her is to know her pleasure zone. G-spot is not the only place.

Be specific, she likes it hot or light? Slow or fast?

You also need to find out where she doesn’t like being touched. For example, some like it when you pull their hair, while some might find it painful.

10. Spank her

Well, we all love that nice-looking booty:) Don’t we.

In the end, all I can say is “Various sex techniques are important but they don’t mean much without a deep understanding of what makes your woman turned on.”

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