Samsung Galaxy S9 Review – The iPhone killer?

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone Samsung has every made. With the Galaxy S9 Samsung is redefining how they make use of the hardware.

As someone who legitimately loves the Galaxy s8 what exactly do the Galaxy s9 and the s9 + apparent carbon copies of the last gen really change and does any of it matter let’s find out.



Here are the improvements to the Galaxy s9 family on paper. You get a faster octa-core processor of the snapdragon or Exynos variety, depending on your region. Some more memory but only on the plus, brighter screen. A bump to maximum cellular data rates and a camera with two, yes two aperture sizes. All of this other stuff is basically the same with some of it, like thickness appearing to get worse. So the days of big generational improvements to cell phones are officially over.

Samgung Galaxy S8 and the S8 plus are a year old now and still competitive with much newer devices like the 5 T from no longer that budget brand Oneplus. Even if the pixel 2 and the iPhone X have edged them out in DX Omar and besides while the improvements are small a lot of them are pretty meaningful.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review



The audio setup is great. The retention of the headphone jack and the inclusion of an amplified earphone speaker gives stereo sound better than ever. OLED super wide display make the Galaxy s9 and especially the plus variant the ideal movie-watching phones PERIOD.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
Photo : Samsung



Second is the camera. The difference between F 1.5 and F 2.4 focal point for physical apertures is less than it sounds like. You’re not going to suddenly see like a huge difference like a true bokeh  you would get by going six inches away on a real DSLR. You’re still relying on software selective focus on the s9 + dual capture with processing on the s9 Plus. When we do pixel peep the s9 whether you love or hate they is more aggressive sharpening . Filter captures more detail. The iPhone X holds up reasonably well but the pixel – gets curb-stomped.


Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor location has never really bothered me on the Galaxy s8. However on the s8 plus and on the Note 8 next to the camera up there, it was basically unusable. So the s9 plus is an enormous improvement.

Structural changes that Samsung has made under the hood the new phones are made of more durable aluminum with thicker glass giving them spectacular and it’s comforting to know that chances of surviving a drop are better but some trade-offs were made here. The increase in weight won’t be noticeable to any but the daintiest users.

In spite of a thickness, battery capacity of both models is unchanged from last year. Now Samsung has been quoted as saying that their eight-point battery check will give the s9 family 95% of their day one battery life after two years.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
Samsung Galaxy S9 Review



Pretty much every other complaint that I have about this phone is either in software or has a simple solution like the Bixby button. Nothing personal against Bixby, she can actually do some really cool stuff that Siri can’t do. You can actually do much more advanced things. Placement of the Bixby button directly opposite the lock button was and still is an ergonomic disaster however Samsung supports disabling it outright and you can use third-party software to remap it now.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
Photo : Samsung


Face Recognition

Intelligent scan where the phone chooses iris or facial recognition depending on the scenario isn’t as consistent as face ID but it doesn’t have to be because they didn’t pull off the fingerprint reader. You can just use whatever you want.

Galaxy S9 has nine, yes nine different ways to take a selfie now. Most of them are weird gimmicks that you will you but I guess that’s the Samsung experience in a nutshell. Packed full of features some of which are seemingly random.  Remember that thing they were doing when the screen would scroll with your eyes.

Wide & Great panorama selfies can fit all of your friends in the frame.

The Samsung Galaxy s9 looks solid . Android is catching up in key areas like camera image quality. It’s time you guys got to be paying attention because the window is closing on finding a new way to differentiate.



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