Rocking the Casual: 7 Styling Tips for Men Who Don’t Like Wearing Suits

Although suits are the epitome of smart and stylish dressing for men, not all men particularly enjoy wearing them.

For some, tailored suits are usually reserved for special occasions or required for work.

If you are one such individual who is not partial to suits, this certainly does not mean that you don’t want to be taken seriously and to look dapper.

The issue that must be tackled now is how to look completely refined and handsome even if you do away with suits.

Fortunately, fashion experts say that there’s nothing that proper styling can’t accomplish when it comes to creating the impression you want.

So, if you are not a huge fan of suits but you want to look well-dressed and at your best, here are seven styling tips you can follow.

man wearing denim

#1. Combine denim and leather.

The film “Top Gun” will always be one of the coolest alpha male movies ever, and that’s not only because of all the fighter planes.

The fashion was on-point, too. Men learned how good leather and denim looked together. A leather jacket over a denim or chambray shirt, with jeans and leather boots, simply screams cool.

This is an example of a beautiful ensemble of rugged pieces that showed off a rich contrast of colors.

The combination is just so pleasing to the eye, and it’s an acceptable attire even on an occasion where everybody else is donning a suit. You’ll be a true and beloved style “Maverick” with denim and leather attire.

#2. Slim fit is the way to go.

Slim fit looks good whether you’re lean or on the bigger side. It creates a more flattering silhouette, and for bigger men, slim-fit clothing creates the illusion of a smaller build.

At the same time, slim-fit pants and shirts are much easier to layer when the weather calls for it.

And when you want to look polished, it’s simpler to achieve this with clothes that fit but are not tight. Leave hip-hop-inspired baggy clothing to the younger set.

#3. Find clothing stores that specialize in your size.

If you want to look sleek and handsome even if you don’t wear a suit, you’ll have an easier time finding the pieces you need for any ensemble if you shop at a store that specializes in your size.

This rule applies even when you choose to shop for men’s clothing online. Just remember to stick to brands that cater to your specific size range.

You will find that these stores have extensive knowledge of styling details to make your body type look good.

From the size of the cuffs on shirts to the number of buttons on a dress shirt to leave open for a sophisticated neck, and even to the right thickness of belts to use, such stores have them all covered.

You can be sure to step out with clothing items and accessories that you can easily mix and match for great-looking outfits.

#4. Use the right colors for you.

Most men like to play it too safe by sticking to the basic black, grey, white, khaki, and camo.

But, if you don’t mind putting a bit more effort into your outfits, then take time to study colors based on your skin tone and complexion, hair, and even height.

Remember, color does not just provide that fun element to clothing; it can also enhance your natural features. Find the colors that set off your natural features beautifully, as well as make your body look trim.

Here’s one color principle to keep in mind: If you’re a relatively small guy, low contrast and monochromes for outfits will be advantageous for you. These color palettes can easily elongate your silhouette.

#5. Add statement pieces to your wardrobe.

Statement pieces are usually more artistic items of clothing. They use bold colors and have an interesting structure.

For example, African tribal clothing for men introduces a more diverse palette of colors and geometric patterns. At the same time, they are cut differently; the shirts are more like tunics in length, and the neckline is also unique.

Having such pieces in your wardrobe will prevent your style from getting predictable and stale.

Aside from creating a different silhouette and color palette, statement pieces can also alter your other styling calls.

With African-inspired clothing, for instance, you may want to wear a headscarf or style your hair differently, or opt for chunkier jewelry made of natural materials, or use different shoes.

All in all, statement pieces can infuse your personal style with a lot of excitement.

#6. A sports blazer is a fantastic investment.

Even if you’re wearing the most casual shirt-and-jeans ensemble, you can automatically polish your look by throwing on a sports blazer. It will bring more structure to your attire and create a more flattering silhouette.

And, of course, on those rare occasions when you feel like dressing up, you can switch the jacket the suit came in with your favorite sports blazer to give the attire a more comfortable feel and appeal.

#7. A denim jacket is the easiest way to tone down a dress shirt-and-pants ensemble.

Replacing a suit jacket with a denim jacket makes for great, laidback office attire.

With this stylish tweak, you’ll look serious enough for the job, but still approachable.

Indeed, a denim jacket is an excellent way to make a rather constricting outfit more casual and cool.

Also, it will open you up to a few more styling opportunities like wearing a beanie or adding a scarf even if the weather doesn’t necessarily call for them.

For optimum style with men’s denim jackets, do not just opt for the oversized plain ones.

Fleece-lined denim jackets are quite on-trend. You can also go for a denim jacket with patches (which are also popular for women) or ones with painted-on designs.

Casual, Effortless Style

You don’t need to wear a suit to look smart and trim.

With all of the tips shared above, you can be sure to look appropriate and handsomely stylish even if you skip the suits.

You can rock more casual pieces on any occasion as long as you have good quality and well-thought-out items of clothing that work for you, which are also a breeze to mix and match.

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