Reduce Your Anxiety To Start The Year

The festive season and the start of a new year leave many feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and stressed. Finding ways to help manage your stressors and finding ways to unwind and relax can keep you more grounded this year. 

Whether your New Year resolution is to make more time for yourself or a new fitness and mental health routine, there are things you can add to your life or change to help make these hopes and wishes stick. 

Everyone wants to start or change something in the new year. However, sustaining the changes we put in place can be challenging without solidifying the goals in some way. It is also impossible to just decide to no longer have issues with your mental health. 

That is where some of these easy-to-implement techniques can come into play. Managing your anxiety and making time for your overall health can become an easy thing to do; it just may take practice.

Time Outdoors

You will hear many people say if you are feeling anxious to exercise. They do not mean go and do a HIT class or a full-body workout. Often, the smallest extra movement in your day can help manage your anxiety and improve not only your mental health but also your physical health. 

Doing something as simple as going outside to walk around your estate or apartment complex could help to improve your mood and anxiety levels. Being outside in the sun or fresh air helps increase dopamine production in your body. This feel-good hormone helps to ease some of the symptoms of anxiety and some other common mental health problems. 

When you are anxious or feeling unwell, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to go and do exercise; this is where you can make it a part of your day. To find a way to make this small change work in your long-term life is to fit it into what you already do. 

Whether this is when going out to get the mail, walking down the street and turning back, or taking the long route to the office at your apartment building. Adding extra movement will help overall.

There are, of course, other ways you can add time outdoors into your day; this could be parking further from your workplace and walking. You can get off the bus or train earlier than you normally would and take a walk. 

Take time to walk to the coffee shop for the coffee you enjoy rather than driving. Each of these activities will increase your dopamine levels and help with your anxiety symptoms. 

Talk To People

Whether you are with friends or talking online or on the phone, getting to talk with people and feeling a connection with people can help with mental health problems. Talking will help with processing issues that are causing anxiety as you can receive reassurance that will help. 

Many people will feel anxious if they feel alone or if they feel as though they are putting their emotions and stresses onto other people. You can help to reduce the feelings of isolation by having a good connection and communication path with people in your life. 

Not only can you express yourself and manage your feelings through this but you can also get reassurance that someone is there; this will help.

Again, talking with people can fit into your day easily. Whether you message your friends in the morning or evening, take time out of your day to check in and chat. You can build a routine for communication if this will help you put talking to others into practice. 


different hobbies

Hobbies and activities can help with managing anxiety. Many people will use coloring as a mindfulness technique when they are feeling anxious. Coloring helps you focus on something other than what is going on in your brain, and in doing so, it can help you manage the symptoms you are feeling. 

Beginning a new hobby or doing something you enjoy can also increase your dopamine levels. Again, this is a feel-good chemical that can help your brain get past the feelings of anxiety or just improve your mood overall. 

It does not matter if you decide to take up reading, knitting, coloring, or building boats in a glass. As long as you enjoy what you are doing this can help with your anxiety and mood.


One potential approach to managing anxiety involves exploring holistic methods, which may include vitamins, supplements, and natural extracts.

Among these, CBD (cannabidiol) is sometimes mentioned. It’s important to note that CBD is derived from the hemp plant and, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it does not produce a ‘high’.

Some people believe in the best CBD gummies from Joy Organics. Research into CBD’s effects on mental health is ongoing, and while some studies suggest potential benefits for conditions like anxiety, conclusive evidence is still evolving.

It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before using CBD or any supplement for anxiety or other mental health issues. Additionally, the quality and composition of CBD products can vary widely, so it’s important to obtain them from reputable sources. Keep in mind that regulatory oversight of these products may differ by region, and their legal status can vary as well.


Many people dislike the idea of therapy to help with mental health. However, throughout life, most people will need some level of therapy and this is normal. If you feel like you are struggling, it is a good idea to reach out and find a therapist for you. 

Whether you need some cognitive behavioral therapy or you just need someone to talk to who does not know you, therapy can be beneficial. Therapy can help you to express how you are feeling in a safe place without any of the downsides of feeling like you are expressing too much to those you care about. 

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