Reasons Why She Doesn’t Like You

A lot of people want to have advice when it comes to talking to a girl. Reality is that there are definitely a lot of things that we as men can do to improve our chances with any girl. The best part is that you can follow these steps to become better, because these steps will give you overall confidence for so much more. Like making new friends or going on a job interview or being more confident for the person your are.

The first reason why she might not like you right away is



You have bad Conversational Skills

Never let that akward silence take a place. If you notice that a conversation is coming to an end or stalling somehow, pick it right back up. talk about anything, it doesn’t matter just don’t let it die. The akward silence is a game killer. She will feel there is no chemistry between you guys if there’s nothing to talk about. So, don’t let that happen.


Reasons Why She Doesn't Like You


Find things to talk about. Notice whats she likes and ask her questions. People usually love to talk about themselves. Most importantly listen to her carefully.


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Your are not confident in your initial approach.

What this means that is that you can’t half approach a girl, you need to be confident in yourself when you go there to talk to her. Look what she is wearing and use that as a opener & give her compliment like “Wow are you a personal stylist” because your outfit is really well put together. And trust me most girls will like that.


Reasons Why She Doesn't Like You


Girls like it when someone compliments them. Don’t give a creepy compliment. Just Don’t be scared. Say something nice and be confident in what you are saying. It will also work when you are trying to make new friends. That’s how you should start a conversation. Its a great way to meet new people without being akward.


Because of your looks

Physical appearance isn’t everything, we all know that. But if you can take a few steps to look better then why not. One thing’s for sure, If you look good you fell good & if you feel good it is noticeable in every thing you do. your mood your behaviour everything will be better when you look good.


Reasons Why She Doesn't Like You


Work on your posture –  Stand up straight, chest out, shoulders back  that shows you are confident in yourself.

Grooming –  No need to go crazy here but let me tell you one thing, girls notice everything. Way more then we can ever do. Some times we think we look good but trust me they will find something. So make sure your grooming is on point. If you skin ins’t great for e.g. work on it. It’s so easy, just spend 2 minutes on your skin and you are good.



Get moving , get your heart pumping. Go to gym, play sports or do swimming it doesn’t matter. It’s great for your body, it will change your posture, change the way you look and girls would certainly notice it.


Reasons Why She Doesn't Like You


Being too clingy right away

Don’t be the guy who never texts back because that’s not good. But give her some room, start slow. There is no need to pressure her into anything. If she likes you trust me she will let you know. Don’t text her 20 times a day if she’s not texting you back.


Reasons Why She Doesn't Like You


Let her dictate the timing. If she’s texting you every few hours then do that. If she likes to text more often then you can do that too.


Unusual Habits

Do you pick your nose, burp without even noticing  or bite your nails sometimes which is really annoying.  Get over that habit.


Reasons Why She Doesn't Like You



Follow these steps and i can guarantee you will notice a huge difference.





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