7 Reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are The Future

A gamer’s laptop is essential these days, as gaming has evolved into a necessity rather than just a hobby. What was once reserved for those who could afford it now has become something one will find in almost every household. The accessibility of the internet and the online purchase market have made gaming readily available and very friendly on the wallet. Gaming laptops are becoming ever more popular every day due to their reliability, portability, and affordability. Here are 7 reasons why gaming laptops are the future:

1. They’re becoming cheaper

The new generation of powerful gaming laptops is packed with features that make them highly desirable compared to dedicated consoles or even desktop PCs. They no longer lack storage space, nor do they consume excessive power to function properly. This makes them the ideal choice for your average gamer who has a relatively low budget.

The price difference between a gaming laptop and a dedicated console will only get smaller as time progresses. You should expect to see people putting aside their consoles in favor of laptops, especially once these new models arrive on the market.

2. They use high-end hardware

When buying a powerful gaming laptop, you acquire more power than what’s generally available on other platforms. You can choose from top-of-the-line graphic cards, SSD drives from various manufacturers, and processors specially designed for these machines, so they cater to your needs without any difficulty whatsoever. The best thing about it? They’re all interchangeable. There is no need to upgrade components or anything; just upgrade your graphics card, and you’re good to go.

A gaming laptop

3. They can offer you console-quality visuals

The graphical performance of even the most affordable gaming laptop is staggeringly impressive when compared to that of a dedicated console. Game developers are coming up with new ways to tackle this issue to make their games look decent on various hardware platforms; many studios have reported noticeable improvement over the last year. These days it’s not uncommon for popular games like Grand Theft Auto 5 or FIFA 15 (in all its variations) to run at 60FPS (Frames Per Second), which is something consoles only dream of offering. Powerful gaming laptops can do that without any difficulty at all, but they generally cost more than your average laptop, so expect to pay the extra buck.

4. They typically offer better graphical performance than consoles

This applies to all laptops in every price range, whether it’s $500 or $5000. If you’re willing to pay more money for your laptop, you will be able to get something that offers much better graphical performance than its console counterpart. Whether this is necessary or not is completely up to your preferences; whether graphics are an important factor when buying a powerful gaming laptop depends on what games you play and how well they perform on desktop PCs.

5. The lack of significant hardware difference between devices allows for rapid development

The fact that there isn’t any major difference in hardware specs between platforms makes game development much easier than developing dedicated consoles. This allows for larger teams to develop better games much faster. The reduction in development time leads to larger game libraries and better gaming experiences overall, something that can’t be ignored even though it might not seem like a big deal right now.

6. The availability of mods (and modders)

Mods are modifications of existing video games that allow users to alter content or gameplay mechanics to create new experiences. Modding communities have gained quite the following over the last few years because they generally allow players to enjoy their favorite games again but with additional features, which you won’t find available on consoles unless developers specifically include them as an afterthought. Consoles lack these communities because they generally don’t run well-patched versions of the games they play, and publishers/developers refuse to give them the necessary tools for their users to make these modifications. This is one of the reasons why some popular games are more popular on PCs than on consoles!

7. They offer increased multitasking potential

Powerful gaming laptops are simply better equipped when it comes to handling multiple tasks at once. Even the less expensive ones, laptops can be used as servers if you need them to be. This allows you to listen to music while gaming on your laptop without any difficulty whatsoever, provided that your laptop is powerful enough, of course. All of this is possible because, unlike dedicated consoles, which only exist as gaming machines, there’s no harm done if someone wants to use a laptop for other purposes.


Laptops are the future of gaming because they provide great performance, have great potential for modding communities, offer great multitasking capabilities, and even better battery life than consoles. All of this, combined with their affordability, makes them a worthy contender against more expensive dedicated video game consoles.

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