The Reasons Why Girls Reject You

Reasons why girls don’t like you.

Why don’t girls like me? 

It’s a common question.

So many guys ask this question.

They’re talking to a new girl she’s not into them and they ask why doesn’t she like me?

man thinking about girl she likes

Maybe they’ve been crushing on the same girl for a while and they haven’t been able to make a move yet, maybe they’ve been friend-zoned,  she’s not replying to texts or calls or the girl’s blowing off dates.

Maybe she doesn’t like you and you want to know why she doesn’t like you?

Here are the three most common reasons why girls don’t like guys.

You’re probably doing at least one of these things.

You’re Needy

Neediness is by far the easiest way to kill a girl’s attraction and 99 % of guys are needy as fuck.

You’re always texting her first, complimenting her, and asking her to hang out with you.

If you text her and she doesn’t reply you’re like oh why are you ignoring me or the incredibly overused ‘you disappeared’.

guy acting needy to a girl he loves

No, she didn’t disappear she just didn’t want a  reply.

Nobody likes needy people it’s annoying.

Seriously though if a really crazy girl ever likes you and you want to know what’s the best way to get her to leave you alone just start acting really needy around her and she’ll lose attraction for you really really fast.

You’re feminine

It doesn’t matter how athletic you are how muscular you are how popular you are how epic your hairline is or any of that.

If emotionally you act feminine you just messed up.

It’s extremely unattractive.

a feminine guy gets rejected by girl

A girl doesn’t like it when a guy is more feminine than she is.

It’s all right for you to be romantic and all but seriously don’t ever post Facebook statuses with little hearts in them.

Don’t beg for her approval and let her walk all over you.

Just don’t be feminine.

It’s weird and it’ll make you look like a creeper and you’re just ensuring that everyone thinks you’re a creep.

You’re really Ugly

As far as being ugly the only time it really hurts you is if you’re like 3 feet tall 600 pounds or your face looks like, I don’t know(You get it).

Aside from that looks aren’t that important.

There’s always a big debate about whether looks are important or not.

girl rejecting a man

Yes, it is important and anyone who tells you that it’s not important is just lying.

So don’t get fooled that it’s not as important.

Like I said if you’re 3 feet tall and obese then yeah you’re going to need to do something about that but if you’re 5 ft 9 and you’re sitting around acting like you can’t get girls because you’re too short then that’s pure BS.

Stop being feminine.

If you rate your looks on a scale from 1 to 10 and you’re at least like a 3 and a half you can get girls.

There’s nothing wrong with being ugly or short.

You just got to learn how to work with it.

Most guys who think they’re ugly just dwell in self-pity until basically, they end up bumping themselves even further down the scale because pitying your looks is a very feminine thing to do and like I already said girls don’t like feminine guys unless they’re famous.

So, what should you do now how should you apply this advice!

Well, try to look at your own behavior.

Do you do any of these things, act needy, act feminine or put yourself down because of your looks?

If yes, then stop doing that stuff.

Sometimes it’s really hard to resist busting out the emotional breakdown and fishing for attention but next time you feel like doing that just be honest with yourself about what you’re doing and don’t do it.

It won’t help you at all.

Don’t be needy.

Don’t be feminine and don’t put yourself down.

If a girl rejects you just move on and find a new one.

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