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4 Foolproof Real Estate Farming Ideas For beginners

If you are a real estate agent just getting started on trying to build out a healthy and committed clients list, there are a lot of different valuable tools that you will want to keep in mind.

While there are many different ways in which to experience real estate, agents go about trying to reach out to new contacts and create clients within their local markets.

Whether it is optimizing your website to make it easier to find and navigate for new visitors or sending out fantastic real estate postcard mailers, you can also visit site that provides real estate farming services to know 4 foolproof real estate farming ideas that you can master to improve your business and expand your base.

Let’s get started!

What is real estate farming?

Before we break down the four best real estate farming ideas, we thought that it would first be important to quickly go over what real estate farming is. If you are a real estate agent with years of experience, you obviously already know the definition, but not all of us are so lucky!

Essentially, real estate farming is a process in which a real estate agent creates local awareness within the market for their services. This increased local exposure is ideally meant to lead to an increase in client base as well as an increase in contacts that can ultimately turn to clients sometime in the future.

While it may be tempting for a real estate agent to cast their net wide and long, studies show that the most effective way to start out is to identify a niche of the market in which you want to attack, and target people within that niche specifically.

Becoming an expert in a given niche will help you:

  • Build your reputation as a real estate agent with a specific expertise
  • Create unique and specialized marketing material
  • Exhibit a clear understanding of your market and your target audience

Okay! Now that you have a solid idea of what real estate framing is, let’s get started on the fun part.

Real Estate Farming

Utilize real estate postcard mailers

While some people may feel inclined to try to move as much of their business online as possible, not utilizing the tried and true tool of real estate postcard mailers would be a major mistake. Postcard mailers allow you to introduce yourself, share exciting news like closed deals, and more. Postcard mailers offer you a chance to be very memorable and be incredibly precise with which addresses you send to make this option highly valuable.

Partner with local businesses

One way to get in with the locals even if you are relatively new to the community is to partner with businesses that are well established within the community. Businesses such as salons, medical offices, grocery stores, and restaurants are always willing participants. Ways to utilize this partnership and increase your exposure include:

  • Creating a promotional poster with an attractive offer for new clients, such as a gift card or a free home inspection
  • Leaving marketing material in the business for people to peruse and take home with them
  • Put up advertisement material, or create a promotional video in a business that has a TV screen

Focus on local SEO within your community

While you very likely have a website for your site, you may not be attracting as many clients within your area as possible if you are not taking advantage of local SEO. Speak with your marketing team and site managers to figure out ways to specifically attract the kinds of clients that you are looking for within your community.

Attend and participate in local events

One final way that you can really improve your awareness within your community is to get out there and make yourself known to people who live in your area by taking part in local public events. Summer fairs, local high school sports games, town hall events, and more are just a few events that you should target and get involved in. Whether you are showing up as just a person to network and meet people, or are representing your business more officially is up to you. Either way, no doubt being seen and getting active within your community will absolutely help your business grow!

Let’s get started!

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