Five Problems With The Fitness Industry On Social Media

Who doesn’t want to have a spectacular body? Having a chiseled six-pack and bulging muscles showing on the upper and lower body is every man’s dream. Social media does a great job of showing perfect specimen after perfect specimen.

However human beings have a natural tendency of over comparing themselves to other people. The problem with comparing is that sometimes you are so far off where you want that it can be quite embarrassing. This can lead to some serious depression as you question why you aren’t at the stage you require. The problem with social media that shows you a small portion and the picture can be edited to make it better than it really looks.

False Hope

Influencers on Instagram who specialize in fitness can be shady at times. That is not to say all of them are bad and don’t know what they are talking about however some of the advice can be very dangerous. These fitness influencers don’t need any qualifications. When they are telling you that you need to spend money on a certain product despite the fact you don’t need the product they are providing false hope and lies.

Male Fitness Model

Body Positivity

From bulging muscles to an overweight body. Despite social media pushing how our bodies should look like Instagram models. There is an opposite end of the spectrum and that is overweight and obese people pushing that you need to be happy with your bodyweight. It is important that you feel comfortable in your own body, however, we need to realize that being obese is unhealthy. Being obese means we will put lots of pressure on your joints and it can attract insults as well.

Expensive Equipment

The fitness industry exploits people who don’t have much knowledge about it. People will tell you to buy things that you really don’t need. They portray it as a fancy new toy that you need to get. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive equipment, as some are worthwhile however there are products that are dangerous and unhelpful.

Make things complex

To be honest, you don’t need any equipment to be in good shape. There are many types of workouts where you only need a little bit of space and you can exercise and achieve your goals. For example, when you are running, you don’t need any equipment.

You just need to find some space to run. Whether you want to improve your aerobic capacity with steady-state cardio or you want to do some HITT ( High intense interval training ). Again with HITT training, you don’t need to have any major equipment. You will increase and decrease the pace of your run. Also, bodyweight training is something that doesn’t require the internet. You can perform exercises like push-ups, star jumps, and squats. The reason I state this is because there are influencers who try and complicate things. Supplements are things that can quite easily confuse people.

False Information

It is very easy to spread a lie on social media, there are many ridiculous conspiracy theories that get floated around. Whether it is performing a technique wrong or providing false promises like if you use my products you will lose 10kg in a week. Someone who is new to the fitness industry can fall into that kind of trap.

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