Preparing For A Sensible Sports Trip With The Guys

Planning a weekend trip with your buddies is always a great way to spend some quality time together, but also if there’s an amazing sports event going on this is the ideal time where it’s just all guys together!

But what does it really take to prepare for a sports-themed vacation? Let’s show you a few simple, yet effective things.

Buy Tickets in Advance

Whether you want to be courtside at the New York Knicks or you are preparing for Super Bowl Sunday, you’ve got to get your tickets in advance.

It sounds very simple, but you’d be surprised how many people think they can turn up and just pray for a scalper to sell them something really cheaply. The best approach is to go through the official team websites and the venue itself for tickets.

men at sports event

Get Your Timings Right

Another very simple thing that makes you get the time, date, and even the location of the event firmly embedded in everybody’s minds.

Because if you all think that one person is going to be the responsible adult so the rest of you can drink this is more than a little foolish! Instead think about everybody being on the same page with the event including dates, times, and what to do if you guys get separated so you can at least get there in one piece.

It’s so easy to rely on our phones but depending on how you travel there could be issues with the Wi-Fi or you end up damaging your phone en route. It pays to know some of the simple information rather than relying on your phone to store it!

Book the Right Accommodation

How many people are going? If there are dozens of you and you can’t afford a hotel room you might want to think about doubling up by traveling cross country in an RV.

This is a cost-effective way to get there and it means that you can take in some great sites along the way. You can also book into hostels like the Nap York Central Park Sleep Station, and this is a great choice if there’s a party of 20 of you or more.

Dress Appropriately for the Event

Lots of people think a sports event is the perfect opportunity to go wild and get absolutely blazing drunk. But think about things from a practical perspective.

Pack the essentials and this means your wallet, medications, as well as your tickets, but ensure that you are comfortable for the event itself! Lots of people think nothing of going wild and turning up to the event in their underwear but this is going to cause issues with security! Perhaps be sensible?

Have Fun!

This might be the perfect opportunity for you and the guys to get together, especially if you’re all dispersed across the country and have numerous life duties. The guys that have kids are no doubt keen to party because they don’t normally get the opportunity.

But it’s always worth remembering that yes, while you can have fun, be responsible and be respectful. A sports event is always an amazing opportunity to take in the energy of the crowd and have fun, but when we hit a certain age, we’ve got to get the balance right somehow.

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