Potential NFL Drafts Straight From College To Big Leagues

The NFL college drafts this year are simply of a different tier. They are exhibiting unique talent and skill levels that are lining these college football players up to be the next NFL Hall of Famers.

The abundance of new players trying to get a chance to play in the big leagues are doing everything in their power to be in the spotlight, and this makes it hard to figure out who to actually keep your eye on.

However, some players are definitely outshining their competition and proving they are ready for the upcoming NFL road trip.

New Talent Takeover

Just over ten weeks have passed in the minor college league football division, and the draft prospects are becoming far clearer. Despite all of the college players being talented individuals, only the best of the best will be part of the next NFL draft.

The only shroud of mystery is coming from the potential offensive drafts. They have been providing the fans with below-average performances that have not created the same level of clarity as to who amongst the offensive college minor league players is worthy of the attention.

This list will help you navigate the college football space, so you won’t have too much to catch up on when it comes to the latest college prospects.

Jahan Dotson

Despite being slightly smaller than the average footballer, weighing 184 pounds and only standing five feet 11 inches tall, he is a Penn State wide receiver and has already started adding highlights to his career camera roll.

This speedy kid definitely does not have butterfingers, and to go with his incredible catching ability, he also exhibits a lot of potential as a playmaker for his team. His perfect combination of speed and strategy will make his soon-to-be NFL partners proud.

He makes the task of being a quarterback seem like an easy one. As long as they manage to get the ball to him, he’s liable to eat all the yards the pitch has to offer.

He recently broke his own record by catching a pass and running from the 86-yard line to finish in Dotson fashion, scoring his ninth 40-yard or more run this season.

He has been adding milestones to his list and proving his ability as a powerful contender well-deserving of a spot in the NFL. The only thing holding him back is his size. NFL players are generally bigger, but this does not mean he will not have a chance. Players that are roughly his size have in the past gone on to be NFL legends.

They just needed the chance to prove that their size disadvantage is made up elsewhere, and considering Dotson’s reliability to perform at this standard, he can definitely be counted on.

Football Stadium Dallas

Arnold Ebiketie

Another Penn State shining star, Arnold does not have the same size issues as Dotson. This line-backer is a giant at six feet and three inches, boasting 253 pounds of weight that can be seen in his raw power.

Scouts from the NFL are definitely watching this player as he has recently transferred to Penn State and is already proving to be an invaluable addition to their roster. He is proud of his Cameroonian heritage and hopes to make his country proud. He possesses the power to knock down any opposition and contrary to his size he has a lot of speed.

This combination racks up a scary amount of talent and ability – especially when you consider the 46 tackles where he has absolutely decimated the player standing in front of him. He is genetically gifted, to say the least, and is as big if not bigger than most NFL players.

He just needs to work on his focus if he plans to be drafted, as he is only a real danger when he makes it on time to realize the snap has happened and he needs to start demolishing people.

Zion Johnson

Another transfer showing promise, Zion is best in his current position as an offensive guard, his size and stature making him perfect for it.

He is the same height as Arnold Ebiketie at six foot three but is a lot heavier weighing in at 316 pounds, making him an incredible force to be reckoned with. He differs from most though because, despite his size and builds, he is incredibly fast.

He can cover positions most people are not able to get to. He is not at all a player to be overlooked because he also has proven he is no pushover, delivering massive hits with some nasty results for those on the receiving end. He does not resort to that side of the skill set often but definitely knows how to turn it on when necessary.

He has an impeccable game sense, and even when his team is under pressure or he simply sees a gap in the play, he will make sure to take it upon himself to keep everything together, which is a valuable quality that any NFL team would be lucky to have.

Football college field

George Pickens

There are some big boots to fill when it comes to this player. His father is Carl Pickens, an NFL legend, so already as a freshman, George is facing the expectations of following in his father’s footsteps.

He usually plays wide receiver, but unfortunately has not been able to take part in a single snap this college season due to an injury where he tore his anterior cruciate ligament.

But before this injury, he already proved himself as potentially the most gifted player on the list. He is more than capable of leading his team to victory and his recent transfer to Georgia will act as his next proving ground once he is recovered. He is the ideal player, with his perfect blend of speed and strength and with the exact size and height to be an all-around threat.

What’s to Come

For now, those interested will have to keep a keen eye on the progress of these players. The next draft is still a way away, with it confirmed to take place at the end of April.

This means anything can happen, and players like Drake London could make some noise in the industry once they recover from their injuries. There are definitely more prospects that will show themselves, but currently, these are the players with the most potential to be in the big leagues next year.

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