Planning a Party: 7 Stress-reducing Tips

While some people find planning a party to be a fun activity, especially in the early stages, parties nearly always become a source of confusion, worry, or even stress. There are so many elements to juggle, plenty of people to consider, and, of course, the all-important task of sticking to the budget. However, with the right attitude, some creativity, and plenty of time, it is possible to keep stress to a minimum so you can focus on enjoying the event as much as your guests.

If you are about to start planning an important party for yourself or a loved one, here are seven tips to help you reduce stress.

Having fun at a party

Start as soon as possible

When you know your venue, menu, and theme, send out your invitations at least 3-6 weeks before the party to ensure people have time to book childcare or time off from work. The sooner you make your creative decisions, the more time you will have to research and compare prices, allowing you to create an economical and great party. Renting your AV equipment from a top audio visual company like GSE AV will give you peace of mind.

Keep the guest list small

It makes sense that the more guests you invite, the more complex and costly your party is going to become. Having lots of people at the event also means that you will struggle to spend quality time with your friends and family. Keep your guest list simple by only inviting people you are close to, and never invite more than what your venue can comfortably hold.

Have a budget in writing

Party budgets can easily get out of hand if you are not strict with yourself. Write down how much you can spend in total and then break it down into sections, e.g., food and drink, decorations, entertainment. It is also useful to have a ‘to-do’ checklist that you can work through.

Hire caterers and/or a bartender

Preparing or even buying food and drink for a party can be time-consuming both before, during, and after a party. Instead of spending your party working and rushing around, hire professional caterers and a bartender to ensure your guests are always well-fed and happy. You could also hire cleaners to take care of the mess after the guests have gone.

A service like Event Bartenders provides more information on hiring a bartender for your event. If you cannot afford to hire staff, opt for a simple, self-serve buffet, and limit drink options.

Shop online where you can

Driving around looking for balloons and bunting in a particular color or design can be a nightmare, so do as much as you can online. You will be able to find supplies for the best prices delivered straight to your front door.

Provide your own music

Hiring a DJ and/or disco can be expensive, but thanks to live streaming services and effective home speakers, you can create your own playlist for free. You could either create your own playlist or choose internet radio. This also means everyone can request the songs they love to get everyone in the party spirit.

Prepare the night before

Leaving the set-up until the day of the party will mean lots of rushing around, especially if you realize that you are missing something important. Set up a day or two before the party so you can concentrate on getting yourself ready and having fun.

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