Pay More Attention To What’s Between Your Legs (Medically Speaking)

If you’re looking to improve your health, then there might be a lot that you’re already doing to take care of yourself. Exercise, a decent diet, and keeping an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol; are all good things. But men have to consider another aspect of their health, as well.

There are some parts of men’s health that you should keep a closer eye on. Here are a few examples, as well as why it’s worth doing.

Check your fellas

Cancer is one of the most serious conditions you can be diagnosed with, and while a lot of focus and awareness campaigns are dedicated to breast cancer, testicular cancer can be very common in men. There are several signs, and you should get checked out with an annual physical to be certain, but this piece by Clair Sissons also teaches you how to self-examine your testicles for any lumps that need to be investigated more closely.

The trouble with the toilet should be checked out

SOS for guy problem

A lot of people will have some momentary trouble urinating. However, if you regularly find it difficult to go, or you experience any pain or blood in your pee, or you even find that you can’t prevent yourself from going, then a urologist like Dr Paul Manohar can be a huge help. Prostate health is vital and often related to your ability to urinate.

Losing weight isn’t always good

If you’re eating less and exercising more, weight loss should be expected. However, any sudden or unintended weight loss is worth a second look. There are several conditions that can lead to accelerated weight loss that should get a closer look at, such as muscle loss, cancer, hyperthyroidism, HIV, and more. Don’t take any weight loss for granted if you haven’t specifically achieved it through your lifestyle.

More than just a passing annoyance

Erectile dysfunction can decrease your quality of life in some pretty obvious ways, such as making it more difficult to enjoy intimacy with a partner. However, while ED can be caused by things such as stress or depression, it can also be an indicator of other health issues, as written by Dr Cully C. Carson III such as a lack of blood flow, which might be a predictor of heart disease, a heart attack, or stroke.

Why warts are worth checking out

If you have warts on or around your genitals, you might think that it’s just an embarrassing temporary condition. However, it is likely to be a symptom of HPV, or human papillomavirus, which can cause serious conditions such as penile cancer in men. What’s more, it can also cause cancer in other people it is transmitted to and can cause infertility in women, so you should check it out or you could unknowingly put others at serious risk.

If you want to make sure that you’re in the best health, then you can’t ignore men’s health. Know what symptoms to get checked out, know when to get your routine tests, and be mindful of what actions you can take.

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