Patience Is A Virtue, What It Really Means

They say patience is a virtue. But What it means.

The lack of patience is ruining your future.

The lack of patience is a feeling of anxiety and it appears when you realize that things are not going as you planned.

You were expecting something else or expecting another rhythm or another speed and therefore lack of patience in a certain way is a lack of clarification.

You need to be conscious and clear about the situations in which you can control and the ones you just can’t.

It is only through personal development that you can clarify this.

Patience is a virtue.

It appears when you resist the difficult times when you persevere through frustrations and obstacles.

It is when you control your anxiety when you know how to deal with misfortunes and pain.

Being patient is not losing your calm posture, it is facing life without having a tantrum.

Patience is important to carry on

The lack of patience is one of the things that is going to make it more difficult to achieve your goals.

It makes it harder to have good relationships. The lack of patience prevents you from advancing in your personal development.

The lack of patience is when you are in a hurry and as you know hurry is the enemy of perfection. Anxiety consumes the person who has no patience.

Generally, the anxiety is bigger when we want things to happen at the right moment, the right time, and because of that we lose our patience and give up.

High expectations are a big problem for people who have no patience.

The rationalization keeps you away from the truth

Be careful with the lack of patience.

With anxiety and rationalization, these are all weaknesses of the character then they can keep you away from doing anything worthwhile.

Anxiety can increase the lack of patience. If we understand this and if we face the truth it is going to be very clear what we have to do.

We just have to keep on doing things the way it has to be done as long as necessary.

The problem comes when we mix all those things with rationalization and rationalization keeps me away from the truth.

Instead of admitting the truth that we do not have patience, that we have anxiety what happens is that we start to create a lie.

Rationalization is when we create lies and excuses that keep us away from the truth.

In this way, we will risk falling into rationalization by saying something like “Well actually you know what and that that is not for me, that’s not so important. I don’t care about that you know to tell you the truth I would prefer to enjoy my life and you know to go with the flow, will not worry too much about those goals.

These are all excuses.

These are all examples of rationalization that will keep you away from my goals because instead of me realizing that you’re having difficulty with these goals you’ll just rationalize things saying that you know actually, you don’t care about that.

Don’t get patience mixed with the lack of action

Imagine that you are a client of a bank with a lot of bureaucratic procedures and they keep on sending unsolicited offers to you. All that’s amazing and you should definitely take it and then you start to get annoyed about that.

What happens in these situations?

Sometimes they even start charging fees and other types of products that you didn’t ask for and suddenly you are surprised by that.

In this case, having patience does not mean that you will be accepting this inefficient behavior.

The service provider is negligent. That is not patience.

When there is something that drives you crazy and you just your eyes and say okay I need to calm down instead of doing something about it, that is also not patience either.

That’s just a way of avoiding anger and that can be a very good first step to grow and cultivate real patience because when you say you need to calm down it’s not going to help you avoid bigger problems.

You’re just preventing that problem from growing inside of you but it’s not going to solve the problem that you have.

Actually, many times when you’re doing that you’re holding back the anger and maybe that’s not a very good thing for you so don’t cause confusion here.

Patience is a virtue and it is linked to wisdom to inner peace.

Do not mix patience with weakness. Some people say that patience is a type of weakness.

Patience is linked to courage wisdom empathy to emotional intelligence. This is all related to personal development.

Find out the causes of your lack of patience

You probably heard a lot of times how important it is to have patience or it is something that everybody should cultivate.

But how can we do that, how can we achieve that level of patience because it’s easier said than done?

So many solutions are quite basic like counting to 10 before you completely lose it and we just need to take a step back to understand our lack of patience and to find out and figure out a little bit more about us.

What are our triggers, what is causing us to lose our temper what is driving us crazy?

If we find out what are these causes what is pulling the trigger then we can make a big difference in our behavior.

You want to keep calm

Let’s see what happens when this trigger makes you lose your patience because it is quite normal that you get furious there is going to be anger inside of you disturbing your inner peace.

However that anger won’t help you to solve the situation, it’s just going to create a second layer of discomfort and what is worse you will have to deal with that frustration.

Not only without frustration but also with all the reasons why you are getting angry in the first place.

Anger and lack of patience end up creating emotional stress they exhaust us and they take away our vitality and it’s a big waste.

Understand your goal

There is an old proverb says that “The person who blends dates does not pick or collect dates”.

Back in the day, the date palms would take around 80 to 100 years to be producing the first dates.

Of course, if you look now at the new cultivation techniques they make this time much smaller, but the idea behind the same is quite wise.

If everybody would think just like you nobody would have achieved anything.

So the question is what is your goal, what is your aim?

Are you trying to get fast to your destination or are you enjoying the journey?

So think a little bit more about how can moderate your expectations and understand the time that things take to produce fruits.

Remember the lack of patience is a lack of clarity. Only through personal development, you will have a clear understanding of the situations that you control and the ones you do not have control over.

If you are not happy with your current situation you are going to feel discomfort anxiety and rejection.

We want to improve we want to cultivate our virtues.

All of this is part of a process of personal development at the same time we want to find serenity.

This is the basis of patience that helps us to overcome anxiety, learn how to control our anxiety, to cultivate our patience.

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