Overcome Fear Of Failure – How To Get Past Failure

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed as the opposite of success.

We all fear failure.This is in our blood.

We don’t take a new job or start the business because of we afraid that we will fail and then we will starve to death.

We don’t go out and meet new people because we are afraid that they will not like us and this hurts, we don’t because we are afraid that we will fail.

Any fear is related to our survival instinct which is the strongest one that we have and this is normal from an evolutionary perspective.

Without fear, we would not be here today as a species. The problem with the fear of failure is that it is not rational because failure is not a threat.

We just look at it in a bad light and the only thing that we have to do is to change the way we view the failure, to change the glasses of the worst thing that can happen to me, to the best thing that can happen for me.

Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is the name of the material from which success is built. The more material you add the bigger and stronger the success.

Of course, there is one important condition to be met. We have to learn from our failures and not just repeat the same mistake over and over again.

This kind of material is called stupidity and it is used for shaping out some other things which I assume you’ll not be interested in.

We speak only about success all the time but if we avoid failure we also avoid success

Failure is so important. Let’s stop looking at it as a dreadful thing and start willing it to happen as this is the only progress indicator.

If we don’t fail it means we are not learning anything new and not progressing.

Actually, we are failures by default. When we are born we don’t know anything and have no skills. We learn to eat to walk to talk and all these skills again for failures.

I don’t think there has ever existed a single baby who started walking confidently on two feet without falling at least a few times.

Imagine if the baby’s mind would be flooded with all those thoughts that we also have daily. What would he think after a few Falls and crying? “Well I guess walking is not for me I’ll skip this part apparently I’m not good at it”.

That would sound really weird. Or let’s say you can’t dance which is absolutely normal if you have never previously tried and you always avoid dancing because you are afraid that you’ll make a fool of yourself.

You are afraid that you’ll fail so you don’t even try what is safe and has no failure for you

But let me tell you something you fail anyhow because you still can’t dance.

You abstain yourself from the great pleasure of connecting on a high energy level with other human beings and you tell yourself things like “anyhow I don’t like this song I don’t dance to that type of music” or “I’m really tired” which if you’ll be willing to recognize to yourself are just lies and excuses.

Only when you start exposing yourself and be willing to make a fool of yourself and this is how you see things because usually, people don’t pay attention to how you dance.

They are too busy thinking about how others are perceiving them.

So only when you expose yourself and start making first awkward dance steps and if every missed beat you gain an understanding an experience and pieces then from failure and through failure you are moving to pleasure and success and there is nothing that can compare to this feeling.

Fear of failure

We always start anything new from the position of failure

This is true for every single human being on this planet and the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the first ones are willing to get out there to do things and look stupid and the more often they can do it the happier they are.

Unsuccessful people will avoid at all costs situations which will expose if they are not good at something anything.

When we give ourselves permission to fail we at the same time give ourselves permission to grow to learn to excel.

The different mindset with which you approach the learning the one who is willing to fall more often is the one who is improving much faster.

Make your desires bigger than your fear.

Success is just having failures one after another and not giving up

If you want to be a great basketball player you must first miss thousands and thousands of shots, if you want to become a famous chef you must first do a ton of disgusting meals, if you want to become an excellent piano player first he will drive crazy his family and neighbors for a while.

Of course, just failing is not the key the key is to be systematically learning from failures.

Closely monitor what’s working and making good use of that information.

Let’s say you always forget people’s names for the first time meeting them and who is not guilty of this.

As far as we don’t learn from it the same outcome will happen over and over. We will never connect deeply with somebody because it is difficult to focus on someone who is constantly asking you “could you please remind me of your name”.

We may think for ourselves “I’m just not good at it or there are so many and I’m just one which won’t help you at all” and you will continue to do the same thing.

Living in society will expose you to encounters with new people and you will continue the same pattern again and again.

So you have a problem and this is great.

You can grow on it. If you would perceive it for what the fail actually is just neutral feedback but shows you that you are doing something wrong and see what you can do about it without any personal traits or characteristics like “I’m such an idiot or I’m just born like this”.

After some basic research, you may find out that being more present at the moment and applying some simple member Association techniques may help you to easily remember every single person.

It’s a fantastic skill to be able to see failure for what it is, A learning opportunity

Don’t take anything personally. Look at the facts and think about how you can improve a situation.

All the successful people failed greatly before arriving at their success and they continue to do so.

There are no failed experiments. There are just experiments with unexpected results and these unexpected results are the most precious what we have.

This is the fee that we pay for entering the event. After you achieve your goal for a series of mistakes and failures you will be proud not of the skills or the object that you have acquired but of what it took you to be there.

All the pain and difficulties that you have gone through made you who you are today.

In time the skills may fade away from being unused. The object may lose its previous attractiveness for you but the memory of what it took you to get there will never leave you.

What is this life but a series of memory perils that we collect on our necklace?

Remember failure is just a simple plain mistake and we do plenty of them every day and if we want to be successful we should be eager to do many many many more.

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