Curing Depression: 5 Ways to Relax & Find Calm

Do you suffer from either depression or anxiety?

It is better to understand the nature of stress and anxiety, and the difference between them before we venture into the land of solutions.

We experience stress when we realize that there’s an imminent threat and we should resolve it immediately. So, in a way, a depressive episode is our reaction to a specific trigger.

Depending on the response of the person to the trigger, stress can either be positive or negative.

symptoms of depression

If stressing about the exam makes a student perform better, then stress is a decisive factor.

However, if constant stress of financial issues accompanies symptoms like insomnia and irritability, then the stress is negative, and you need to pay attention to it ASAP before it turns into something like depression.

Experiencing depression; however, is an entirely different story. You can think of depression as a remnant of stress that is there to stay.

While stress has triggers, depression is a constant sadness that lingers with you for absolutely no reason. It can even have you worried about the scenarios that you haven’t encountered yet.

Depression can potentially impair your social and personal life.

Depression has symptoms like not being able to control the worry, constant low mood, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep (insomnia or sleeping too much) and psychosomatic symptoms like experiencing pain in the body.

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in both adults and children.

Children mostly experience depression because of any trauma that goes unresolved.

It is clear that depression and anxiety are common problems and everyone experiences either or both of them in their lives at least once.

So, I will walk you through a list of options that you can try to prevent yourself from stressing too much.

Try Spirituality for a Change

I find it imperative to have a core belief in your life. I do not promote religion in specific, but spirituality is something I cherish.

Adopting a Zen-like lifestyle can have incredible effects on your mental wellbeing. Becoming more spiritual is all about being present in the moment, and seeing things for how they are.

Most of the time, stress is caused by worrying about the future while living in the present. We tend to think about things that we can neither manifest nor control.

Activities like performing breathing exercises while meditating enable you to increase your focus and mental alertness.

You are more likely to pay attention to what your boss is saying and avoid a potential blunder if you have good concentration.

Another way of staying present is by focusing on one task that you have on hand. Avoid multitasking, it may be something that you can flaunt as a skill, but in the long run, it will only end up reducing your ability to focus.

Change Your Lifestyle

Sometimes, you may feel like nothing is right about your life.

These are usually situations where constant setbacks can lead you to develop depression. Bringing a few changes in your lifestyle can make a dramatic difference.

To cure your depression, you’re going to have to pinpoint the triggers that cause you to develop stress

. For example, stress can lead you to develop eating disorders like Bulimia Nervosa.

Binge-eating while watching Netflix is a great escape mechanism until you realize that you have grown a potbelly.

That is only going to make you feel even worse about yourself.

Adopting healthy habits like eating at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables would help you stay healthy both, mentally and physically.

Similarly, a little workout every day would help keep the lethargy away. Science proves that a certain amount of physical activity is vital for a peaceful state of mind.

Try Medical Marijuana

I am not suggesting you become a junkie.

Recent researches have shown that a few marijuana strains can be useful for coping with clinically significant depression.

For example, if you have to go to a party and you don’t want your low mood to ruin all the fun, smoke a bong of Chocolate Fondue.

Tracing its lineage back to the Chocolope, this Sativa leaning strain will make you exude creative energy. This bud is beneficial for dealing with symptoms of depression.

If you want increased focus to play out your stress in the best possible way, you need to smoke a joint of Casey Jones.

This popular strain has its lineage traced back to Trainwreck.

The highest THC found in this strain sits at about 13.5%, and you are not likely to experience any physical effects due to the fewer concentrations of Indica in this strain. It is a super strain for treating minor to moderate depression symptoms as well. If this kind of approach appeals to you, you should definitely consider psychedelic-assisted therapy which has shown great promise in recent years.

depression comes and goes

Manage Your Thoughts

You need to understand that a part of our brains, i.e., the right hemisphere holds the most primitive memories.

We have what is otherwise known as the ‘monkey brain,’ and our racing thoughts can cause a lot of problems for us.

Acknowledge these thoughts, but don’t let them steer your brain for you.

Thought management is the key to avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety.

As soon as you realize, that your brain is thinking in a negative thought pattern, pause and insert a positive thought. Repeat simple mantras like:

  • I am enough!
  • I am smart.
  • I have the courage to get through this.

These constant reminders can help you break through the cycle of self-loathing and stress.

Go For Natural Remedies

Last but not least, reconnecting to nature is the best way to heal the symptoms of depression.

Using organic options instead of seeking medication can help you handle the stress without any side effects. Are you having trouble falling asleep?

Try spritzing the lovely Kora lavender mist on your pillow and sheets; it will help you fall asleep faster and more peacefully.

A few simple changes and mindfulness are all you need to cope up with depression and improve your mental health. Pay attention before it is too late and enjoy a peaceful life. Have a wonderful day!

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