I Discovered The Top 5 Online Gaming Platforms for Men

The number of gamers has significantly increased in the last couple of years as more men continue to find interest in online video games. The most popular thing about online games is the fact that you don’t have to download and install them.

Online games are enhancing the development of the gaming industry with an estimated worth of more than $1 billion in 2021.

There are all sorts of game caves out there, but take it from me (the one who pays for all this stuff) you need good gaming setup ideas that are top-notch for anyone who doesn’t clock into a job yet (your kid).

Here are five online gaming platforms men can look out for this year.


Valve’s Steam gaming platform continues to be the top choice among PC gamers even in 2021. As a pioneer of online video gaming, the platform has established itself as the go-to place for most games that can’t be found on other platforms. The steam platform provides men with the opportunity to interact with other communities of users on the most recent games and play thousands of games. They should look out for popular games such as Dota 2, GTA V, Stardew Valley, Valheim, and Steam, and thousands of other online games available on the Steam platform.

Steam still tops the list of online video gaming platforms due to its characteristic of being accommodating to gamers with its great features. Gamers have access to a great customer support service which is enhanced by tools and overall improvements that improve the user experience. Learn how to play Steam games on Mac or Windows to get the latest exclusives, including new games and upcoming sales on the platform.

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Man playing video games.

MiniClip Games

If you enjoy multiplayer games, Miniclip is another online gaming platform worth checking out in 2021. The game platform and publisher focus on web and mobile games, making it a top choice for online game enthusiasts. Some of the most popular games developed on this platform include 8 Ball Pool, Multiplayer Soccer-Football Strikes, and Soccer Stars.

You can access the gaming platform on all devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS. Gamers enjoy great features such as the ability to search for games based on the game’s genre, like Sport, Puzzle, Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Shooter, etc. To get the best of MiniClip, create an account, search for games and start keeping track of your high scores, enter the leaderboard and add friends.

Armor Games

Armor Games is an excellent online gaming platform with a plethora of free and popular games played online. Games are classified according to the genre, including Adventure, Action, Sports, Puzzle & Skill, or Strategy games. In the fall of 2021, the number of men playing on the platform increased, and statistics show that millions of people spend hours playing their favorite games at Armor Games.

Play thousands of games on the platform and are also available as apps optimized for iOS and Android devices. Armor boasts some of the most exclusive and unique online games such as SOLAS 128, SODA Dungeon, Warfare 1917, GameCraft, and thousands of other popular games on the platform. You can create an account to enjoy some exclusive games available for free or on a premium basis. You can play as a guest and enjoy some great online games for free.


This is also a great platform for men to enjoy hundreds of online games on the website or download the app on their devices. Enjoy some of the most popular online games featuring Puzzle games, Strategy, Sports, Adventure, and multiplayer games. To get a favorite game, you simply select the category of the game as mentioned. There is a great user guide and tutorial on the platform that will assist you if you need any help in playing a particular game.

This is more convenient for gamers or if you are not used to playing games online. Games to look out for on Kongregate include Animation Throwdown, Bit Heroes, Spellstone, Alien Ship shooter, and Wasp Solitaire Mobile. If you are an independent game developer, you can also upload games to the platform.

Mind Games

Mind Games is the ultimate online gaming platform to go to. It is available on all platforms including PC, Android, and iPhone, iPad, and Windows. If you are a puzzle games enthusiast and like to jog your mind from time to time, then Mind Games is the best place to spend some of your leisure time.

Enjoy a great collection of mind training games derived from cognitive parts, which help you practice numerous mind skills. The platform includes over a dozen Mindware brain training games, some of which allow you to play up to ten times before moving on to the next level. The games to look out for include Minecraft, Tetris, Mind Games, Dressage Demon, and The Witcher Wild Hunt.


Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular as more men join the gaming platforms. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend in the last year and a half, with more gaming platforms being established to get people online with a superior level of gaming experience.

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