Nucleya : Ultimate Indian EDM King

I bet everyone’s heard of Nucleya. Well if you already haven’t Udyan Sagar, better known by his stage name Nucleya, is an Indian electronic music producer. This 36 y/o has definitely bought India on EDM World Map. Starting with cutting tapes and joining them differently to make songs to becoming the best EDM artist in India, he has a truly inspiring story indeed.

Life Story

Nucleya had been a part of Bandish Project back in 1998 with Mayur Narvekar and Mehir Nath Chopra. He once stated in an interview that when he first moved to Goa he had no work for three years. That was the time when he met Smriti Chaudhary (his now wife) and she supported him emotionally and financially.


Indian EDM Nucleya
Bass Rani Poster
Pic : Nucleya


The logo of his albums Bass Rani , Koocha Monster and Raja Baja were designed by her wife.

Nucleya’s song Akkad Bakkaad from his album Koocha Monster was tremendous success and bought him into limelight and after Koocha Monster there was no stopping back. Bass Rani and Raja Baja were widely appreciated. Nucleya did an Raja Baja album launch in Pune and sold a full stadium !




Nucleya has performed in many international music festival including Glastonbury and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and recently EDC Mexico. He is also active in Indian music festivals such as NH7, Red Bull Tour Bus and Bacardi House Party, etc


Indian EDM Nucleya
Indian EDM Nucleya


Udyan’s rise to the top was preceded by decades of struggle. Before he became Nucleya, he was well recognised for having founded Bandish Projekt with fellow musician Mayur Narvekar. Now as Nucleya. He has countless milestones under his belt, along with a some much-loved albums and the dedicated fan-base to sell-out a stadium. He has definitely bought a change in Indian EDM scene and we can’t thank him enough.

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