3 New Tech-Driven Professions That Are Here To Stay

As the world changes and tech takes hold of every aspect of modern life, there are opportunities that are becoming available for the tech-minded individual out there. The fact that technology can and will be used in every aspect of human life means that some old jobs are making a strong comeback in a new guise. Here are the current top three options.

AI-Assisted Healthcare

Whether in nursing or as a means to assist doctors, Artificial Intelligence is the way forward in ensuring good healthcare. It is already currently used for several ongoing health checks and monitoring, allowing healthcare professionals to stay connected with patients despite any ongoing restrictions. The use of wearable devices for remote monitoring of vitals, blood, and fluid levels is now possible and used to help those that may not have the detailed medical knowledge to administer these tests. Carers and health visitors can now be provided their patient’s information and medical test results on an ongoing basis without having to be in the same room, making it possible to then adjust and administer the appropriate medication when required.

AI has also proven itself to be very complicated and specific surgeries that require both human and computer technologies to ensure greater success. For example, eye surgery has been performed for the first time with the assistance of AI. Healthcare professionals who are able to use these technologies and stay up to date with innovations are likely to drive the trend in AI-assisted healthcare. While it is early days, this is only the pinnacle of what is proven possible in the future of medicine.

Innovation in technology in healthcare is not only driving new trends in healthcare careers but also beyond the core of those using the technology to those developing it. Increasingly, there are likely to be opportunities in the background of this medical tech revolution, and the ability to program and design systems for medical monitoring will present as future career opportunities. This allows those with strong technical skills to not only harness those skills but also give back for the greater good.

Cybersecurity and Data Detectives

The fact that more people use the internet than ever before and for everything from information gathering, shopping, DIY advice, business, media, and entertainment also means that there is a great deal of personal and business information at constant risk of misuse.

Cybercrime is the number one global threat to the current technological advances; with more data comes more threats. The only positive in all of this is that there is now a huge demand in the sector for data security, cybersecurity analysts, and data detectives.

A guy in Cybersecurity

The role requires patience and perseverance and knowledge of cybersecurity and cyber-crime that will allow the incumbent to be able to track, follow and report on cybercrime. Security operation centers (SOC’s) are now the norm, and in order to fill and manage these, there will be an increasing demand for trained cybercrime analysts.

Virtual Real Estate Agents

The virtual house tour has become a lot more technologically advanced and with it the growth of the online estate agent. There are many examples like ihometrade professional virtual estate agents that have also come to the fore. Traditional estate agent processes and roles are changing dramatically because of technology. This means changes not only for estate agents but also for home buyers and sellers. Spring was traditionally the time that houses were bought and sold, but the virtual show house means that people are viewing homes throughout the year. The worst weather conditions won’t stop the sale. This is creating a demand in the sector for those who understand the tech or the market and can engage virtually with clients and customers and provide a simple walk-through process for closing the deal.

Technology is giving more control to homebuyers, who are able to work more closely with estate agents to collate and analyze data gathered on home selling websites and mobile apps. These have created opportunities that will be here for the long term.

Concluding Comments

Tech has changed the way we access information, media, and entertainment, but it is also changing the way that we will work and the jobs that are now available. This is good news for young people who are digital natives, comfortable with innovations in digital technology, and able to adapt to digital trends. However, it is also an opportunity for those established in these careers to relight their passion and build new skills that make them better at what they already do.

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