New Player In The World Of Smart Fitness – Good For Getting Pro-Level Results

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

In the digital age, we live in, looking around some gyms can be like peering into a time capsule. Big, bulky equipment; rows and rows of weights in every all sort of sizes and shapes.

Back in the day, figuring out how much we should (or could) lift – and how many reps, and how often to achieve our desired results – took a fair bit of tinkering and guesswork.


Twenty-first-century fitness is personalized, connected, and data-driven.

We’ve had for a while now tracking devices, watches, programs, and apps all designed to empower us to measure progress, while still using pretty primitive tools. But now, the training technology itself is also increasing in sophistication.

Smart fitness options like Peloton and Mirror modernize the spin class and gym experiences by centralizing the device, the workout inspiration, guides, and performance data.

They’ve proven that there’s a huge market for digitized in-home fitness options that allow people to take control of their training in a way that fits in with our mentality of convenience and while remaining connected socially.

The benefits of online communities cannot be overstated – being able to share our achievements and encourage others is proving especially important in these coronavirus times.

A new smart fitness brand out of Australia, Vitruvian Form, is about to publicly launch their V-Form Trainer – and it appears to be a serious game-changer for those keen on resistance training.

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A slimline 25kg carbon fiber platform, the V-Form Trainer provides up to 200kg of resistance through two handheld cables.

With this sleek, sophisticated device you can do away with weight racks entirely, and your spotter too. How?

The whole package runs on intelligent algorithmic hardware that adapts to your capabilities and partners with the V-form App to track your performance data, which then feeds it back to you, the device, and even your chosen personal trainer, wherever in the world they might be.

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The Origins

The Vitruvian Form V-Form Trainer was developed by high-frequency trader and applied physicist Jon Gregory.

An expert in building complex algorithms for financial markets, which analyze human behaviors and respond favorably to certain conditions, Gregory became fixated on the stark contrast between the sophisticated technology used for work and the rudimentary nature of the weights he was lifting in the very same room.

He set himself the task of building a mechanized weight system run by algorithms, intending to push people to train not just harder, but far more safely and effectively, too.

The first time you use the device, you set your range of motion – essentially, how much you can ordinarily handle.

The device then learns from you and how you lift, adapting to what is known you can do while pushing you harder and responding when you need to ease off.

Conveniently, it works together with the app to develop your user profile, remembers where you left off on previous sessions, and records the data from every workout.

When you start seeing progress in this way, you can understand how even micro-gains are great for motivation.

Part of the device’s intelligence is in its seemingly intuitive responses

. If you want to change the load, you simply pause. The load will ease off the concentric movement when you pause at the bottom of your rep. To place a load on the eccentric movement (aka the “negative phase”), pause at the top of the movement and the load will go back on.

Exercise physiologist and former elite-level athlete Amanda Bisk have championed the V-form Trainer since first trying an early model. “I was blown away by how efficient it is.

It adapts to how you are lifting and changes during your rep as needed as well. It is very effective, simple, and intuitive, so I don’t waste time changing weights or settings.”

The beauty of the hardware is that it’s got your back in more ways than one. Knowing your capabilities, the V-Form Trainer acts as a spotter, ensuring that you’re lifting safely. By the same token, it also won’t let you cheat. Says Amanda,

“With Vitruvian Form, you get a good workout that minimizes the risk of you slacking off, which is something many people struggle with when working out from home without the supervision of a coach or other eyes on you in the gym.”

What to expect


Use the app and accessories to be guided through a full-body workout, with hundreds of different exercise types across all muscle groups, with squats, presses, curls, lifts, and more.

There’s also a wide range of classes delivered by increasing numbers of professional trainers joining the V-Fam worldwide.

Core brand classes include V-Strength, V-Booty, V-Burn, and there’s even a guided yoga practice, V-Flow, for functional active recovery.

Eccentric Loading

Vitruvian Form is founded on expert sports science in the field of eccentric training.

Being able to increase the resistance at the top of a movement, for example, when lowering the weight of a bench press, increases the load of the negative phase.

This approach keeps the muscles constantly exerted and builds muscle strength and size faster and more efficiently.


Using custom-developed motor systems, the V-Form Trainer can output up to 200kg of resistance.

Coupled with the dynamic nature of the resistance cables that provide force across the range of movement, when working out you’re required to generate some serious force, in turn promoting greater muscle engagement.

Smart Tech

The adaptive force algorithm manages load, dynamically changing resistance to slash the time it takes to build muscle while logging performance data to monitor progress.

Your workout is truly customized

Slim Form Factor

Carbon fiber, smooth finish and dynamic lighting make the V-form Trainer a sleek and sophisticated feature. Display a gorgeous gadget with customizable LEDs that respond to your force load, or easily store the light, flat platform away out of sight.

Named for Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing of the ideal human physique, the V-Form Trainer by Vitruvian Form is designed for building your perfect form. Its own elegant form makes a bold statement; the Australian designers behind it know that exercise, lifestyle, and personal aesthetics are inextricably linked for most people.

Know more about Vitruvian on their official website.

A few of our favorite chest exercises from Sports Scientist Luke Andrew:

smart fitness

1) V-Form Incline Bench Press (Handle)

How/Why: Laying flat on the bench; hips and back in contact with the bench surface. Shoulder blades round and down. Feet flat on the ground to brace yourself.

Start holding handles with palms facing your body at the nipple level. Push upwards in a strong fluid motion, medially rotating hands (turning them inwards to face away from you), and both palms moving closer to each other for that deeper contraction.

(this movement can be done similarly with a Hammer Grip Dumbbell Bench Press with Medial Rotation but you miss the constant tension across the range of movement without the V-Form trainer)

2) V- Form Pec Fly

How/Why: Similar to before, making sure your hips, back and feet are well planted as to efficiently transfer force. Start with the Handles in hand and palms facing upwards.

Ensure you have a soft bend in your elbow to keep it locked safe, to transfer force to your working muscles and not just connective tissue. Bring your arms together so they meet and cross over your arms for a deeper contraction.

Tip: Pausing at the top the movement with the V-Form will actually increase the resistance and hence you will be able to perform the eccentric (coming down) movement with more load.

Focus on controlling the tempo down for that added burn.

3) Kneeling Two Arm Landmine Press

How/Why: Utilising a landmine press, kneeling nice and tall with a neutral spine; shoulders and hips should be stacked on top of each other in alignment with the knee that is on the ground.

Place both hands on the end of the barbell like thor holding a hammer.

Push upwards so the bar is overhead, bracing your core and squeezing your chest together similar to the previous exercise.

This is a great movement to get your core firing as well and trains functional strength and stability.

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