My First Tattoo : What To Expect

Having tattoos does not make you a delinquent or a thug !!

Its an art !!

Nowadays, tattoos are more popular than ever. Tattoos are not just putting ink into your skin.

What to expect from your first tattoo?

There’s a lot more to it such as the meaning of the tattoo, how to take care of your tattoo, where to get that tattoo, and finally, the most important thing is understanding that this decision to get a tattoo is permanent !!

I believe that tattoos used to be a form of therapy !! Tattoos have many types like symbols, signs, line tattoo, animal tattoos, and many more.

The way tattoos are seen and done has a long way !! So, I decided to have one on my skin !! Initially, I was scared because of the myth that the procedure of getting inked is soo painful !! Well, nobody loves pain.

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It took me a couple of weeks to make up my mind and I decided to go and have one !! For that moment, there were a couple of questions roaming around in my mind.

Like where should I have my tattoo, what design should I select, what color should I select, and the major consideration in selecting the body part where you want to have a tattoo !!

As for the placement of the tattoo, according to me, one should always select an area where they cannot see easily. Because then you won’t be able to see it.

Therefore, you won’t get bored by the design, and finally, after so many considerations I decided to have my tattoo on my lap. I decided to have a stylized two alphabets and two birds as my tattoo because having a floral tattoo or the crown theme is too mainstream.

After showing the artists the designs I had discussions regarding the sizing of the letters. The two birds I chose were eagle and dove. As eagle signifies inspiration, pride, release from bondage, and royalty whereas, the dove signifies the symbol of peace and good luck in many cultures and regions.

It took 45 minutes and the tattoo turned out incredible. This tattoo has a deeper meaning to it but long story short I got this because it reminds my love of life.

About my tattoo experience :

When I just got my first tattoo, the pain I went through while getting inked was similar to the one that I feel when someone scratches my skin !!

Yes! It’s true !!

The pain is minimal but the result is so pleasing. It was not exactly a comfortable feeling but it was not terrible either !!

In a nutshell : I am obsessed with the final product and I am so excited to have it forever on my lap !!

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