7 Must-Try Business Ideas for Savvy Entrepreneurs

In today’s world, it can be really hard for new and old entrepreneurs alike to stand out with a totally different venture of their own. Because of this, we thought to help you out a little with some ideas that might just land you the next big gig you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s go!

1. Develop Browser Extensions

Surely you’ve heard of Adblock. Or, at the very least, you might’ve used Grammarly and its included browser extension in the past. If not, then you probably have a browser extension already installed by your antivirus program.

Regardless of that, there’s some money to be made from extensions. Sure, not many of them are paid. Most rely on donations from thankful people. Yet they still manage to provide a relatively steady income for their developers (much like Wikipedia’s financial strategy). A great example is Gmail Checker Plus, which acts as an email app inside your browser so you can get notifications and manipulate your messages without opening a new tab.

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2. Open Up a Gambling Business

Numerous providers such as FeedConstruct make it easy for entrepreneurs to start their own casino, sportsbook, or simply a sports data feed that can be useful for bettors and bet makers alike.

It’s a lucrative industry that brings in a lot of cash for those willing to invest as “the house”. Not to mention that it gets you the opportunity to work with sports data providers and other savvy entrepreneurs – which is excellent for networking purposes.

3. Social Media Manager

How many businesses rely on social media to advertise their products or flaunt their branding? A lot. Too many to even start counting. There’s no shortage of spots for social media managers regardless of what industry we’re talking about.

If you have a generous portfolio, you can start your own social media advertising agency. Surely you’ll be able to get at least a few clients if you set your starting prices a little lower than more renowned agencies.

4. Ghost Writing, Content Writing, or Copywriting

Content marketing

Just like with social media, there’s a huge demand for witty and creative writers all around. And it’s not just the advertising field that desperately needs these gifted minds. You can start by doing some freelance work and then slowly create your own agency or simply continue freelancing if you find it advantageous for your needs.

5. Blogging and Affiliate Advertising

Starting your own blog just for fun can quickly turn into a money-making business as long as you manage to attract numerous readers. And once you start attracting more and more readers, you will also be able to attract sponsors.

These sponsors will ask you to write articles with affiliate links towards their products. Or they will ask you to place banners with the same affiliate links. Either way, you’re getting paid for subtly advertising another person’s product. You can also promote your content with some of the best free press release sites for gaining links and promoting your brand.

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6. Coffee and Burger Shop

It seems that coffee and burgers are everywhere these days, and people just can’t get enough of either. Why not start your own business, then? As long as your location is chosen wisely, you’re bound to get a lot of clients that need to go to work. Burgers and coffee go well together and they fill up your tummy fast, so they’re great for the working man and for teens who need to go places as well.

7. Gardener

The suburbs are packed with relatively wealthy people who simply don’t have the time to tend to their garden because they have to work. With that said, if you live in such an area, now’s your time to shine and make some money by doing some fulfilling work. Those garden landscapes sure look awesome when they’re being tended by a caring person.

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Got Any More Ideas?

We’re always looking forward to seeing new ideas from our community. Please feel free to leave us a comment down below and start a discussion. We would also appreciate it if you could share this article on social media. Thank you!

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