16 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone

Apps make your life easy and good apps make it easier. With more than a million apps available on the app store it’s pretty hard to find the good ones out there.

These must-have apps for the iPhone will enhance your creativity and productivity as well. These apps will help you to get the most out of your iPhone. Here are 16 must-have apps for Apple iPhone.

1. Candy Camera (Free)

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Candy camera is a basic camera app with lots of different filters to play with. The interface is very simple and you can just swipe to left or right to access different filters or you can swipe up to get the list of all the filters available and you can also swipe downwards to switch between the rear and front camera.

You get a bunch of different options from this menu in the top left corner and you can also create a collage directly using this app. The best thing about the candy camera is the filters it provides. I found them better in comparison to the ones provided by a similar app called Retrica.

You can also select an already captured image and edit it using this app or you can crop it for Instagram with just one tap. If you like capturing selfies or uploading images on social media then this app can be very useful for you.

2. Alarmy (Free)

Alarmy Must-have apps for iPhone

If you struggle to wake up in the morning or you have a habit of snoozing the alarm continuously and end up getting late then alarmy can be of great use to you. This app is similar to the stock alarm app in which you set the time of the alarm, its repeat days, and the sound of the ring.

But there is an additional section called Mission and when you tap on that you get different options. So, this means that if you choose any option other than the default mode then you have to perform a certain task. So, if you keep it on shake then you have to shake your iPhone to snooze the alarm.

Similarly, you can choose to solve the math problems, and making it very hard will surely wake you up in the morning otherwise, the alarm will continuously ring. So, You can try these options to choose which one works best for you and can easily improve your sleeping habits.

3. Documents (Free)

Documents IOS app

You have to admit that IOS does not have good file management and keeping different types of files at one place is a problem. So the best app for that purpose in my choice is called Documents. It is basically a file manager for the iPhone and has a very nice interface.

You can access all your photos and downloaded songs from the app itself but the music player of the app is not so responsive. This app can also be used to keep your photos and important files secure. It has the option of a Passkey lock or you can use your fingerprint to lock the app.

There are a bunch of different settings to play with. You can also access different types of files in the app itself like – pdf files, zip files, etc. You also get an inbuilt browser with the Documents app. There is an option to download any file from the internet and can keep it secured. So, this is a decent file management app and you should definitely give it a try.

4. Google Keep (Free)

Google keep must have app

Many of you might have already used this app and it is called Google Keep. Keep is a notes app from Google and works almost the same as the default notes app of the iPhone. You can write a simple note with a title and the note itself or you can insert different elements into that note. You can capture a photo or select an image from the camera album, you can draw or record anything, and can also use tick boxes to make a to-do list.

All these things are possible to do with the default notes app also but Google Keep is available on iOS, Android, Chrome Store. It also has a web interface so you can access all your notes from any platform very easily.

You can pin any note on top, can set a reminder, can also categorize all your notes by labeling them. You can change the background color for that particular note as well. So, this is a great productivity app and is very useful for cross-platform usage.

5. Google App (Free)

Google app IOS

This app of the list is again from Google and it’s simply called Google App. So, this can be used to search anything on Google quickly or it can also be used as a News app.

You get posts from all around the world. The best part is all the posts are based on your interest and your previous searches. You can also set your preferences by going to the settings. It is also possible to access the Google App in incognito mode.

There’re location-based cards too like – Weather and traffic details but along with that you also get location-based search results. So for example, you can search for an ATM near me. Google will show you results based on your current location which can be very useful in so many situations. So, this is a great multi-purpose app.

6. AmpMe (Free)

Ampme Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone

This app allows you to combine a bunch of smartphones to make a multi-speaker setup, using nothing but the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. This can come in handy in situations when you don’t have any Bluetooth speaker around.

Just fire up the AmpMe app on your smartphone, sync it with your friend’s devices, and hit the Play button to start the party. You can either host a party or join one at any time. You can play the music on your device playlist, youtube, sound cloud, or even Spotify. This app is cross-platform, so it is available for iOS and Android devices as well.

7. Background (Free)

It is an app with a great collection of high-resolution wallpapers. There are 3 different feeds that you can go
through. You get a lot of great wallpapers to choose from, and the interface of the app is one of the simplest that I have seen. If you like a wallpaper, just hold it on your iPhone.

8. Clarity (Free)

Clarity allows you to add a blur effect to the wallpaper of your choice, and what makes it more interesting is the fact that you can control the amount of blur that you want to add to your wallpaper.

Some wallpapers are very bright at the top, so you can’t really see the time while you are on the lock screen. Clarity also gives you an option to add a mask to such wallpaper, so it is easier to view the time on the lock screen.

9. Stocard (Free)

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If you do a lot of shopping and have a lot of loyalty cards, this app helps you store all of those cards in one place. With this app, you no longer need to carry all of your plastic loyalty cards.

All you have to do is scan your loyalty cards into this app and whenever you need to use these cards, just choose the card and scan your phone’s screen. it is that simple.

10. AfterShip (Free)

Aftership useful app for iPhone

It is one place where I can get the live tracking information of all the things that are being delivered. You also get notifications every time, the courier company updates the tracking status. If you get a lot of things delivered to you, this is a must-have app, to keep a track of all those things.

11. must have iphone app

Now, I’ve always loved listening to music when I work. I used to go to Spotify and listen to some of their more focused playlists, but after a while, it would get repetitive, or maybe the songs would distract me which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Once I tried I was blown away by what a difference I saw. allows you to choose between five mental states: focus, meditate, sleep, nap, and relax and you can also select specific
types of sessions as well, like the beach, chimes, electronic, rain, anything like that.

12. Focus Keeper ($1.99)

focus keeper must-have apps for iPhone

It is a timer based on the Pomodoro technique. Now, I love working in Pomodoros, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s 25 minutes of focused work, followed by a short five-minute break afterward.

Now, I have shared before that I usually use a physical timer to track my Pomodoro sessions and that’s worked great for me but I was actually recommended Focus Keeper recently by a friend, I have fallen in love with it and have started using it instead of my physical timer.

One of the key features that I love about Focus Timer is the flexible settings. You can adjust how long your Pomodoro sessions are, how many breaks you want to take, and so much more to really make this technique work for you. I also love how visually pleasing the timer is, it’s always nice to have something that’s pretty to look at, and I love that you can set goals for the number of Pomodoros you complete each day.

13. Productive ($3.99)

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I actually love using Productive because it’s really a habit tracker. When I’m trying to implement several new habits at a time, I love using Productive to help keep them top of mind and help build up my progress. Productive makes it really easy to add new habits to the system. There are tons of settings for each habit, especially recurring habits like daily, weekly, monthly.

You can have it happen on specific days, a time of day, a specific time of day, or multiple times of the day. Plus, there’s a huge database of habits that will help jumpstart you and give you ideas for habits you may want to implement, and you can even do fun little color-coded icons to just help make everything even more visually pleasing.

14. Asana (Free)

asana must-have iPhone app

I use Asana to manage all of my tasks and projects. When I’m on my laptop, I usually use the web version of Asana, but I love that no matter where I am, I always have it on my iPhone. I use the iPhone app to check what’s on my plate today, ask any questions I have, check the status of projects no matter where I am, and it’s so nice to feel like I’m still in the loop no matter what my circumstances.

It’s so easy to search, add projects or tasks, and jump between different workspaces. Plus, Asana syncs across all of my devices and the web instantly, so there’s no delay in collaborating with my team. Even better, Asana is completely free, so definitely give it a shot.

15. Google Drive (Free)

Best iPhone apps

Being able to access, view, upload, and edit documents while on the go is amazing. It’s probably the app that I open up most often throughout the day. I love that I can create any kind of document no matter where I am. And if I have an idea, I can just make a note right inside the Google Doc and it will sync everywhere. The Google Drive app is completely free, so you can just download it and start using it right away.

16. MyFitnessPal (Free)

MyFitnessPal top iPhone app

MyFitnessPal is probably one of the best fitness apps available on IOS. You can track your calories and nutrition. It can easily be synced with all your fitness devices.

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