The Ultimate Moving Checklist : Best Printable Moving Checklist

If you’ve just sold a house or bought your new one, then congratulations! You’re probably already wondering where to go from here, what to do and when to do it?

You are moving out to a new place.

This is completely understandable. There is so much to do, so many boxes to move and no matter how long you have, time does indeed fly.

But no need to get stressed yet. By following a checklist, you can avoid the common pitfalls of house moving that many people need to suffer.

Hopefully, you’ll have at least 2 months to move & sort everything out. While packing and renovating, you’ll make a mess at your place, so taking advantage of the best robot vacuum and mop combo will save you a lot of time and effort! A moving checklist will help you to understand all of this. Mayflower has the most complete checklist for moving that does not miss a single thing. If you are looking for the cliff notes read below to get an idea of some things you should consider.

Ultimate Home Moving Checklist
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# Movers Checklist 2 Months (8- Weeks) Before

You’ve just begun to think about moving to your new house. You have some time at this point in the moving process. So, first thing’s first:

  • Budget. This is an ideal time to budget for your move and decide how much you want to spend on your moving company.
  • Comparison. Make sure you compare multiple moving companies and get the best moving company for what you can afford. Nowadays these come with inclusions/add-ons such as storage between houses, for example.
  • Protect your move. The better moving companies will often offer you a tailored insurance policy, however, BAR accredited companies have an extra layer of insurance. If the company you choose is unable to carry out the move due to financial difficulties, your move is protected by BAR.
  • Decluttering. After you’ve chosen your moving company, it’s time to start looking at decluttering. Start with the storage spaces, such as the loft, that don’t get touched often, and move on from there.
  • Donations. Decide what you want to keep, pack, move and whatever you want to get rid of making sure to donate or offer to friends.
  • Get a Dumpster Rental.  You’ll probably have a lot of things to get rid of while you’re going through stuff to pack. Get a roll-off dumpster to easily throw your junk away. Discount Dumpster Rental provides two-week rental periods. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time before moving day.

# Movers Checklist 1 Month(4- Weeks) Before

You still have time to pack and make it, so don’t panic yet. A month before you start moving is an important time and the to-do list is more important than ever:

  • Address. Update your address with your internet, mobile, and utility companies, ensuring they know that you are moving.
  • Cancel Subscriptions. Some companies might not provide services to where you are moving, so you may have to cancel your subscription with them. This includes gyms, local magazines, and the like. Many companies may need a month’s warning before canceling.
  • Schools. If you have children, now is a good time to start searching for their new school, ensuring a smooth transition between the two.
  • Storage. Begin sending your less-frequently used items into storage to free up your house for more packing space.

# Movers Checklist 3 Weeks

You now have less than a month until you move. But you still have time, plenty of time, enough time to be well prepared for moving day:

  • Packing Room. Begin moving all your packing boxes into a room that is used less often than all the others, this keeps them out of the way and more room for you to pack.
  • Food. Begin eating everything you have stored; all of the fridge and freezer items need to be consumed before moving day. Who knows, you could find a new favorite meal in the process.
  • Prohibited Items. Moving companies will have a list of prohibited items. These often include anything flammable or dangerous, so talk to your movers and get help before the day you pack.

# Movers Checklist 2 Weeks

One week less and hopefully you’re still holding it together. The clocks ticking but so are you, with the to-do list getting shorter day by day.

  • Redirecting Post. You may still be in the process of changing your address with all your utility and subscriptions. In the meantime, you can redirect your post via Royal Mail Postal Redirection Service
  • Evidence. Take photos of all your furniture and any scratches/knocks that are currently wearing. This allows you to claim any furniture that may have been damaged in the process of moving.
  • Cleaning/Maintenance. Make sure the large appliances are properly cleaned and emptied before moving. Defrosting your freezer is a must and you may as well clean the oven whilst you’re at it before you move.
  • Valuables. Gather all your valuable and special items together and ensure they are all in one place or box. Try and keep these boxes separate from the large items in the removals van, or look after them yourself by taking them to the new house when you go to visit.

# 1 Week

ONE WEEK! Get Hold of that panicky feeling for a little bit longer, you’re almost there. With just a few more bits to do, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer:

  • Essentials. Bring bags/boxes of essentials to your new house before the moving truck arrives. Make sure the boxes are properly labeled.
  • Laundry. Make sure all the laundry is done, and begin packing your closet
  • Confirmation. Double-check with your mover that everything has the go-ahead and that any policies/insurance you wanted is present for the move. Take confirmation for the truck as well.
  • Back-up. You’ll need to buy a portable hard drive and plan for the worse by backing everything up.
  • Clean. Do a deep clean of your old house, take some help if required, ensure it is in a perfect state for the new homeowners, and provide any documents they may require in a plastic pouch
The Ultimate Home Moving Checklist
Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

# Moving Day

IT’S HAPPENING, IT’S REALLY HAPPENING BUT… you’ve got it all under control, right? All you’ve left to do is the moving part, with your new life waiting for you just around the corner… or on the other side of the country: Your weeks of packing will help you move quickly.

  • Small Bits. Put any extra screws and bolts from your furniture and appliances in a plastic bag and label what they belong to. Tape your boxes after the packing has been done.
  • Stress-Free. Get your parents to look after any kids or pets you have whilst you’re packing the truck, to remove any potential causes of stress.
  • Copies. Make multiple copies of any important documents such as removal receipts and invoices for future reference, whether that be taxes or peace of mind.
  • Descending Order. When moving into the new house, bring in the largest items first and the smaller boxes second, otherwise you’ll be moving everything around for the larger items. Tell the movers to unlock the truck accordingly.
  • Be Calm. Remember, this is the day you’ve been building up for months. Make sure to take it slowly, don’t forget to eat and drink and take a few deep breaths when they’re needed.

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