Modernization In The Way Of Westernization

Westernization is the adaption of new values, different livelihood practices related to western society on the other hand modernization is a process of social evolution, up-gradation of technologies within society with respect to the changing environment.


These two words reveal the meaning of each other. In this world of technology, many people adopt western culture and become modern.

Both modernization and westernization include the adoption of a new culture. And yes!! modernization is a much wider concept while westernization is just a subprocess on the path of modernization.

They both include up-gradation of traditional society into modern society while westernization benefits have smaller concepts such as illiteracy in rural areas and better schooling systems. Modernization helps in the development of traditional industrial structures into the advanced industrial structure and social evolution.

What it actually means ;

* Westernization is the adoption of western culture by non-western countries.

* Modernization is a much wider concept and also involves changes not only in society but also in infrastructure.

* Westernization is something a set of people do while modernization is a concept that involves social evolution.

Different perceptions about westernization;

Many people believe that it is often a debatable topic. because westernization has been a growing influence across the world in the last few centuries. The phenomenon of westernization does not follow any specific pattern across societies as the degree of adaptation

Some maintain their social lives by adapting westernization, as they believe that it’s good to maintain public reputation.

Many multitudes think that westernization is the way of living life just because they live their life at fullest. I have seen men and women who adapt to western culture just to maintain status.

Some pros and cons of it

Everything has its advantages & disadvantages, however, excess of everything is bad while in the way of adopting a new culture.

Many people spend a lot of money while doing shopping. and some spend their money without any knowledge about that stuff.

People love to maintain their social life just because they only focus on new trends, launches, etc.

Nowadays technology advancement helps a lot in the transformation of western culture.

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