5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Sailing Vacation

Sailing vacations provide fun, unique, and unforgettable experiences. However, if you don’t plan well, your experiences may not be worth remembering. While some vacation mistakes are avoidable, others are not.

Taking the necessary measures to prevent the potentially avoidable concerns can result in a fun, smooth sailing experience. Discussed below are the mistakes that can ruin your sailing vacation.

1. Forgetting essential sailing accessories and equipment

The quality of your sail depends on the sailing accessories and equipment. While some accessories are good for sailing, others are a must-have for a safe, fun vacation. The safety equipment you shouldn’t forget includes a life raft, grab bag, emergency position indicating radio beacon, handheld VHF radio, SOLAS grade signal flares, emergency water marker, and more.

Don’t forget the medical kit, electronic and communication gadgets. Sails are also an essential accessory that utilizes wind power to propel your sailing vessel. Consider getting one that suits your boat from Far East Sails or any other reliable vendor.

2. Choosing the wrong sailboat or yacht

Choosing the wrong sailboat means you might not get the anticipated experiences. When picking a cruise ship, consider the one that provides the experiences you’re looking forward to in your vacation. If sailing with kids, go for children-friendly sailboats.

However, if you’re aiming for entertainment and nightlife, an adult-only vessel would be ideal. Researching before your trip can help you find the right sailboat or yacht based on your vacation needs and expected experiences.

Sailing Vacation

3. Overloading the sailboat

Overloading your sailing vessel may result in the boat swamping, capsizing, or sinking. Excess people and gear aboard can affect stability, increasing swamping risks in rough weather and reducing freeboard.

Even on calm oceans, an overloaded boat can quickly capsize if someone changes position suddenly or abruptly turns. When going on your sailing vacation, know your boat’s optimal load capacity and maintain it to enhance safety.

4. Packing without researching

Sailing is an excellent way to travel while relaxing too. However, packing inappropriately for your sailing trip may hinder you from participating in fun activities. Before choosing what to pack, consider the weather, the space in your cabin, and the kind of sailing you’ll be doing. Additionally, think about where you are sailing and what’s onboard.

You can pack swimwear, shorts, sun cover-ups, polarized sunglasses, sun hat, rain gear, buff, gloves, the right shoes, and going out outfits. For your on-shore adventures, pack a waterproof backpack and snorkeling gear. Don’t forget a water bottle and medication for seasickness.

5. Not being specific about what you want

Failure to be specific about what you want throughout your trip negatively impacts your sailing experience. Your broker asks you to fill out a preference form to be sent to the crew before boarding the sailing vessel.

Indicate the kind of foods you like and the ones you don’t like. If there are specific places you’d like to visit, tell your captain in advance to help them plan your itinerary. The more specific you’re with the crew, the better your stay will be, and the more excellent your experience.


Sailing trips are an excellent way to relax, create memories and have fun. However, having unforgettable experiences depends on planning and research to ensure you’re prepared for your sailing destination. Consider avoiding these mistakes for a smooth vacation.

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