Mirror: An Another Shadow Of Yourself

There’s more to you than the way you look.

As contrary as it may seem, your mirror often holds the key to the depths of your true self.

The mirror is a Shadow of yourself.

As mirror symbolizes various features. I believe that the main role of the mirror is ecstasy.

People love to buy mirrors for their daily use.

Men and women both perceive the mirror just for different purposes.

man looking in mirror

Let’s just discuss about men :

As soon as they wake up, they go in front of the mirror. They might see their body and muscles growing.

In fact, when they do their hair they usually use a mirror. When men gaze into a mirror makes it possible to face their emotions.

Mirror also helps in building confidence and self-judgement.

From this, people learn plethora of things like the way they speak, how to well behave, and how to be much more confident in front of others!!

women looking in mirror
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Usability of the mirror in women’s life :

Women have hectic schedules but they don’t miss a single chance to see the mirror.

The very first thing they do is apply makeup and give a glamorous look with the help of a mirror.

Many women do mirror meditation. They believe that doing meditation in front of the mirror reduces stress.

One of the studies found that women focus less on appearance and more on how there were feeling !!

I think, the mirror is a shadow, which actually shows one’s appearance in a unique look.

So, There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a quick glance whenever you pass a mirror.

Benefits of mirror-gazing :

#1 Admiring new looks :

Whenever you pass a mirror, a little glimpse of you motivates you to change your look according to the trend.

Perhaps you don’t care too much about your appearance.

#2 A perfectly healthy trait to have :

It might also seem somewhat counterproductive.

Reducing stress by mirror gazing is a healthy trait.

Eye contacting with your own reflection and turning your attention inward can deeply intimate you since it requires you to spend a few quiet moments not only with your thoughts but with your own watchful eyes !!

#3 Meditative practice :

Mirror observance is not terribly different from other mindfulness exercises.

It still helps you learn to stay more conscious of each & every moment and it still offers the chance to find a sense of relaxation.

#4 Awareness & effectiveness :

People often meditate in order to increase self-awareness, relieve stress, and get more in tune with their emotions and effectiveness.

#5 Self-Compassion:

Mirror gazing can help you embrace a more realistic, forgiving nature.

Sure, you have a few flaws, but who doesn’t? These less-than-perfect features don’t make you any less worthy of love — your own love most of all.

How to do it?

Some men and women usually don’t stare in the mirror because of their personal choices.

I would love to suggest to them that mirror gazing for 10 minutes a day can help ease stress and increase self-compassion.

Yet, if you tend to avoid mirrors, you could be missing out on seeing something deeper in yourself. I believe in the depths of your true self!

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