How To Memorize A Speech Like A Pro

Do you always forget what you say whenever you get in front of a group to give a speech?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because, in this article, I’m going to teach you how to memorize a speech. There are five steps to this process and this works whether you are the one giving the speech or you want to memorize a speech that you’re listening to.

Write out your speech as if you didn’t have a memory system

You’re going to be doing this anyway. Now, whenever you write out your speech, don’t write it out word-for-word. Never try to memorize your speech word-for-word.

It makes it sound corny, or canned, or too prepared. Instead, just write out the bullet points. They’ll be brain triggers to lead you to what you want to talk about.

For example, let’s say you have five bullet points in your speech.

  1. Increasing profits
  2. Time management skills
  3. Communication skills
  4. Goal setting
  5. Teamwork

So you would write these five points out on your sheet of paper, as you prepare, just like you would normally do.

Memory Palace or the Mind Palace.

It’s where you’re going to store the data in your memory.

Try this: Stand in the doorway of every room in your house and number five pieces of furniture in each room. Number one might be a desk, a bed, a TV, a refrigerator, a stove, or a microwave.

Number five pieces of furniture in that room, then go to the next room and number five pieces of furniture in that room. If you have ten points in your speech that you want to memorize, you’re going to need to memorize ten pieces of furniture. If you have 15 points, you’re going to need to memorize 15 pieces of furniture.

Create images for each bullet point on each furniture.

The third step is to create images or pictures for those five bullet points that you wrote down.

So, number one, your first bullet point was, is you want to talk about increasing profits. So, you got to turn that into a picture, something that’s going to remind your brain to talk about increasing profits.

The second one you wrote down was time management skills. So for this, you got to think of a picture that’s going to remind you to talk about time management.

The next word you wrote down was communication skills. Well, maybe you could use a telephone for this. See a telephone and, when you do, that’s going to remind you to talk about improving communication skills.

The fourth point is you want to talk about goal setting. So, you need to create your image to remind you of goal setting. For that, use a field goal, like on a football field.

And number five, the last one, your last bullet point was you want to talk about how to work together as a team. So for this, Think of everybody’s favorite sports team.

Visualize the pictures

This is where it gets fun. You take the pictures that you’ve created and now you just visualize them around the room. If you have 10 points, remember you’re going to need 10 pieces of furniture; 15 points,

In this scenario, we have 5 points. We take the first thing that we want to talk about, lots of money to remind us of increasing profits, and you’re going to visualize that on your first piece of furniture.

So, if the first piece of furniture that you numbered is a bed, imagine money flying out of that bed.

The number two thing that we want to talk about is time management and, remember, we used a clock for that. So, let’s say your number two piece of furniture is a dresser. On top of that dresser, imagine there’s a big old, huge clock, like a grandfather clock, and it’s ringing there or the cuckoo bird’s coming out.

Number three, the third point in this speech is to work on your communication skills. So for that, remember, we used a telephone. Let’s say your number three piece of furniture in your house is a television, so now you need to attach the telephone to the TV set to remind you to talk about communication. Visualize that phone, maybe it’s ringing on the TV set.

The more crazy, bizarre, and unusual, and vivid you can make these pictures, the better chance you’re going to remember them.

Now item four, you see a goalpost and that reminds you to talk about we need to set goals. So, on your number four-piece of furniture, whatever that furniture may be, I want you to imagine a goalpost. Maybe you see yourself kicking a field goal right through there and winning the Super Bowl, but that reminds you to talk about goal setting.

And then the last piece of furniture in that room, number five, you might see your favorite sports team. See that sports team on your number five-piece of furniture.

And, now, you have memorized all five points to your speech.


The way you do that is, you just imagine yourself walking around that room mentally.

On your first piece of furniture, you see money there, so you talk about, hey, as a company, we need to make more money. We need to improve our profits.

On the next piece of furniture, you see the clock, so you talk about time management skills and how we need to manage our time more effectively.

You see the telephone in the next one and you talk about improving communication skills, becoming a good communicator. And on the next piece of furniture, you see a goalpost, and that reminds you to talk about we need to set goals.

And then, of course, you wrap up your speech by talking about how we should work together as a team.

Now, remember, there were only 5 points in this speech, but it could easily have 10 or each topic. So, you might just use more furniture for that. But this is how you give a speech or a presentation from memory.

This also works in reverse.

If you’re listening to someone else’s speech and you want to memorize their speech, it’s really the same concept. You take notes during their speech just like you would do anyway, and then after you have your notes taken, go back and turn the main ideas into pictures and place them around furniture in your house.

And then, when you’re driving home from the speech, you could literally be reviewing and memorizing their speech.

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