7 Ways Successful People Make A Good First Impression

It takes only 3 seconds to make a good first impression.

You know how you sometimes will run into somebody, for example, let’s say you meet someone, and somehow don’t know why they leave this everlasting impression on you.

Now you just can’t shake off, and you think about all day and every time that name or that person comes into head you always just have this positive image on you. Imagine that would be you, with everyone that meets you. As they say, it only takes three seconds for somebody to make an impression.

1. Compliment Them

The first thing you can do when you start an interaction, disarm them with a compliment. It doesn’t matter if their
initial thought of you was a man that guy looks stuck-up, that guy is annoying, that guy is ugly. As soon as you give
them a genuine compliment, just – gone, that just dropped and you buttered them all up, and trust me he or she is going to be thinking about that one compliment and how it made him feel all day.

2. Dress To Impress

Pay attention to what you wear. First impressions are instant within seconds before you even say something you already are making judgments on people, and they’re making it on you. And we’re not even going to talk about which styles better streetwear, dapper or what to wear.

Instead, just pay attention, make sure you thoughtfully crafted your outfit, especially the colours you wore. You need to understand that colours initiate an emotional response in people. Learning which works best for you and your skin tone and which one’s trigger certain emotions will instantly either have people like you or dislike you.

According to Business Insider, the blue colour is perfect for a job interview, if you’re trying to make a first impression there because it will leave an impression that you are trustworthy and confident. If you want to be taking more seriously and come across as mysterious, then muted colours like grey, dark navy, and black, make a great choice. And even better they are the dominant colours within fashion, so when you wear them most people tend to think you’re stylish.

3. Confidence

Confidence is super important in a first impression, you want to come across as confident, trust me that’s what makes a killer first impression. But if you don’t know how to do that, simple, think about it I would say almost 99% of us, doesn’t matter who you are, has received at least one compliment in our lifetime about anything.

Maybe a skill we have, maybe you’re good video games, you’re just super smart, you’re super stylish, maybe you’re good to look. When you receive that you’ve probably felt empowered, you felt on top of the world, you just felt like you felt amazing all day probably. That’s confidence!

4. Have Positive Thoughts

So if you know you’re going to be meeting somebody new, you want to make a killer first impression, think positive thoughts. Automatically just think about times that people have given you compliments and harness that feeling, harness that feeling of empowerment and how you just feel amazing, you felt on top of the world, that’s the confidence you want to project to make sure you have a killer first impression.

5. Good Gestures

It’s all about gestures and mannerisms. It’s okay to use your hands as you talk because it makes the conversation ten times more memorable and brings it to life, instead of you’re just sitting there with your fingers interlaced and awkwardly looking down to the floor, make sure that when you’re trying to make that killer first impression you involve mannerisms, you involve your hands, in addition to what you are saying.

6. Smile

Have a subtle smile on your face when you are talking to someone. If you don’t, you would be perceived as being too serious and the other person may not like it. When you smile the other person becomes confident around you. Smiling is also linked to positivity and people love positivity. You don’t want to come across as too arrogant. So smile to impress.

7. Make Eye Contact

Make sure you have good eye contact with the person you’re communicating with. Good eye contact is linked with confidence. When you’re confident enough you can look in the eyes of other people and show them that you’re interested. If you look away during conversations, it may seem like you’re not interested in the conversation. Make sure not to go too much intense as having eye contact for too long may make both of you uncomfortable.

Make sure to use a combination of these techniques and see what works for you the best. Remember, Confidence Is Key.

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