The 3 Main Differences Between Bongs And Bowls You Need To Know Before Buying!

Although bowls are very common in the cannabis industry, there are many reasons why this may not be the smoking consumption method for you.

Knowing the differences and similarities between bowls and other methods can give you an idea of what method is best for you, your lifestyle, and your smoking habits. Do you want a discrete item that you can put in your pocket or purse when you are not using it? Or would you rather have a big smoking method with various accessories that are fun to use with people at parties?

Choosing the type of smoking method is almost just as key as choosing the type of flower you want to use with your apparatus. Along with choosing the type of strain to use, you need to learn more and see the pros and cons of using different consumption methods when it comes to cannabis!

The 3 main differences between bongs vs. bowls you NEED to know!

You may have h3ard of both bongs and bowls before 0 bongs are known for benign fun, intense, flavorful, providing big hits, and good to use with a crowd. However, due to their size and sheer mass, they are hard to bring to places, transport, and use in places other than your home.

Bowls are smaller, less complex, and provide less of an intense high. However, they are more transportable, can be brought with you, placed in a pocket or bag, and can be easily shared with others.

Let’s see the main differences between bongs and bowls you need to know before purchasing.

Bongs are more expensive

One of the main differences between bongs and bowls is the price of each apparatus. Bowls are less expensive than bongs due to their smaller size, fewer moving parts, and materials used. Bongs require using various accessories, such as percolators, screens, carb caps, slides, and different water chambers to customize your smoking experience.

Bongs can be difficult to transport

The second difference between bongs and bowls when comparing these two smoking methods is the transportation ease. Instead Of being easily able to be put in a pocket or pouch, bongs can’t be moved easily due to their size and weight. Even though bongs are fun to use with other people it may be more trouble than it’s worth to bring your bong with you to a friend’s house if you are on a bike or on foot.

Bowls provide intense hits

The main difference between bowls and bongs is the intensity of the hit and the flavor. Bowls do not provide as intense highs and long-lasting highs as bongs, since they are smaller, have fewer flowers, and do not have a chamber for the smoke. In comparison, bongs provide intense highs and flavorful pulls due to the water chamber and the ability to suck in the entire chamber at one time.


As you can see, figuring out the main differences between bongs and bowls before purchasing is smart as a newbie and advanced user! Determine what you want with your smoking experiences, such as the price of the apparatus, the transportation ease, and the intensity of the hits.

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